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molluscum contagiosum - wart things Lock Rss

In Feb last year we took our 12month old son to the pool and about a month or so later he came out in 3 wart things on his back by his shoulder blade. In the months that followed they spread all over his back then we found out they were called molluscum warts and that they would go away eventually and there was nothing we could do about them. Now almost a year later they have just spread down his arms right over his tummy ans chest and down his legs. On the plus side some have gone away, they go scabby and then fall off.

The doctor said they usually last about 15months and that kids get them from the swimming pool or bathing with other children. We rekon he must have got them from the pool cuz we havent been around any other children etc. The plunket nurse said that she usually would have a run of seeing heaps of children with them then none for ages.

Does anyone else have a child that either has or has had these?


YES!!! our 4 year old daughter has developed them in the last few months... i thought at first it was just a virus that would go away then it stayed for ages (about 1 month) so took her to the GP and he has basically said there is nothing i can do for her.

The sad thing is they are over her lips and on the underside of her chin, travelling down her neckline, she probably only has about 10 in total, but she keeps scratching them and then they get infected. I can keep telling her not to scratch but if she isnt around me how do i stop her???

i have read up on it and there seems to be a few things you can do like getting the doc to freeze them off (which i dont think i could put her through)

I am so glad you posted this, i am really worried for her as she is a beautiful little girl and to have these on her is not nice.
My DD1 has them, she's 7. I took her to the Dr who told us that they can be frozen off which may leave scars. She also told us that picking at them will get them to scab over and they would fall off. My daughter refused that idea straight up hehe. She said they last up to 18 months which is really annoying cause she can't bath with our DD2 and they've started spreading down her leg! So annoying!
Hi my DS 1 has them also. He is 4. I took him to the dr who said the same thing as you ladies. We just have no idea where he go them from. It's weird. I also have a 13 month old DS2 and have been bathing them together, should this stop?

Wow, very glad to hear my DS is not the only one with this. He was diagnosed with this around 1 week ago, at this point they are on one arm.
I don't know what to tell people they are without sounding like he is going to spread them around (the name alone sounds horrific). The Dr. said he would have got them from daycare. Does anyone know exactly how they are passed on?
I got this when I was 15! I can't remember if I was given anything for it But it went away after a few months.

My son (who is now 8.5 yrs old) had them when he was 2! I was told that it was from swimming also. It started off as 2 - 3 ... then it got worse he had them everywhere, well over 20. Our doctor kept telling us they would go away themselves but we ended up going to see the skin specialist at westmead childrens hospital after 8 months or so who wrote us scripts for a special cream that we ordered in from a Melbourne hospital. The cream done the trick and it cleared up within a month or two. The specialist said that when the cream dried them up we could use a pin to pierce the middle (if you look closely at the lesions they have a small dot in the center) and that would kill it off completley and our son wouldnt feel it/it wouldnt hurt. I personally couldn't bring myself to do that and the cream worked well enough without having to do so.

My son does still have a few scars on his chest/back from them but only i would notice very minor indeed.

I totally understand how frustrating it can be, but they will go away. all the best.
Doctors often suggest cutting and piercing molluscum but scarring is common. It is also I understand if harsh "bleach" like chemicals are used on the molluscum bumps. We bought an ointment called Mollenol ( I think). It was good and effective with our three children.
Our derm also suggested cutting (curette) but each molluscum bump has to be done individually and my four children had molluscum on their face, stomach, inside legs, all over really. It would have been a terrible thing to have put them through. Our GP also suggested we try Mollenol. She told us it was a specialist product and the only Australian TGA listed lotion for treating molluscum. The TGA is like the US FDA. Mollenol worked well because we could apply it over clusters of molluscum bumps and treat individual larger lesions. I ended up having to use it myself because I caught molluscum on my head under hair. The lotion was easy to apply there and couldn't be seen. We still have a bottle in the cupboard as occasionally my oldest boy breaks out with eczema and what looks like molluscum bumps. Molluscum seems to hang around for longer than doctors say. I have read that it lasts for 12 months on average and up to 2-3 years for many.
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