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My DD... Lock Rss

Has the chickenpox, just in time for christmas. wink] I guess it will be a very quiet one. DH is working through christmas anyway.
Sorry to hear that. How old is she? wasn't she immunised?
She is 19 months, mostly she is but I COMPLETELY forgot about her 15 month ones. We can still catch them up when she is better though. Lots of children at her preschool get it every year and they are all immunised. In nz it is not part of the norm, you have to choose and pay, most people don't bother.
[Edited on 18/12/2008]
My dd had chicken pox at 19 days old!!!! She had to go in to hospital on a drip poor thing for 3 days. Hope your little one feels better soon.



Both my boys had them last Christmas; well early December so just in time for them to be better for Christmas. We were in isolation for about 6 weeks as it was over Christmas and everyone was busy not because they were that ill.

DS2 was 11 weeks and DS1 was 5. DS1 "escaped" with about 6 spots and wasn't that bothered and though Alex was covered from head to foot (and everywhere in between) in spots he wasn't that bothered either. Alex did end up on antibiotics as a couple of his spots looked quite angry but he wasn't overly ill or anything. Neither shows any ill effects and I am glad they got them naturally.


DD was better a few days before christmas! YAY! I didn't have to spend it all by myself! So far DD2 hasn't got any spots so hopefully she won't get any.
It took Alex the full 2 weeks before he broke out so I can presume from that that he got them from big brother and not anyone that gave them to DS1; I wish Alex would have been a bit older but glad they are over and done with.

DD1 got them when we were on holiday at mum and dad's. She is 19 months so thats not to bad. At least she won't get them if they break out at preschool again! DD2 is only 3.5 months so I'm hoping she doesn't get them off her big sis! Won't know for another week!
My DD10 got the chicken pox on christmas day when she was 5 then again last year a week before christmas (poor thing had to miss out on her schools christmas play) - so it is possible to get them more than once.

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Yep I know sad especially since she didn't get them that badly. It's just await and see if she gets them next time they break out at preschool. sad
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