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Persistent night time dry cough Lock Rss

My 3 year old dd has a VERY annoying dry cough that is bothering her and us all night. Every time she gets a cold she gets this cough. My husband reckons she is always coughing and there must be something wrong with her, but she has no wheeze, no temperature, no struggle to breathe...just a cough that goes on for up to an hour at a time. In the past the dr has just said its post nasal drip. I've tried dimetapp, cough suppressant, vicks, drinks of water, honey (won't eat it). Any other ideas??? I don't want to use a vapouriser because of the hot water in case she gets to it. Anyone had a similar problem? Even moral support would help. I'm VERY tired!!!


My DD gets a cough with every cold and its usually only present at night, I've been told by the Drs that its due to when they lay down the snot runs down the back of their throat causing them to cough, that and the air is cooler at night so that irritates it as well.

The worst cough my DD has had was when she recently had bronchitis, it went on and on and on for weeks. She ended up with both ears infected as well and had four rounds of antibiotics - Dr said it was a particularly nasty case hence so many antibiotics which both cleared the ear infections and the coughing.

Its hard to say but I'd see a Dr and get her checked out, I have heard that a persistent night time cough can be either allergy or asthma related but if this cough is only present along with a cold then I'd say its due to that... bless their little cotton socks that they get so many colds so it probably does feel like she is forever coughing, especially when it keeps you awake at night.

The vapouriser does work a treat to relieve the coughing (except when our DD had bronchitis, she still coughed and coughed) so its a pity you cant run one in her room. We found vicks on the chest and back also helps along with elevating her cot, not sure if you can do that with her bed... by putting a rolled up towel under the end where her head goes. Cough suppressants and mixtures are no good (unless prescribed by a Dr) as they can make things worse. Our DD is 2 1/2 and just moved into a big bed a week ago, we waited till she was over the bronchitis as we too were afraid of the vapourising running and her getting to it.

So see the Dr, explain all symptoms and history and take it from there.

All the best.
[Edited on 20/09/2008]
Hi Sharyn

That sounds exactly like my 2 1/2 yo.

She has had it ever since she was about 4 months old. The coughing is definitely worse at night (and when temp drops ie. winter) , which made me think it was asthma but like your dd there is no wheezing, no trouble breathing.

We take her to the doc each time to get checked out but according to him she doesn't have asthma yet, instead it is just a virus. He gives us redipred which usually works (it's a steroid based medicine).

Other than that we use vicks on her chest, back and soles of feet, and use the brauers cough relief (natural remedy you can get at the chemist) which works really well. Oh yeah, we also make a drink for her (mums recipe) of warm water, couple of drops of lemon juice and teaspoon of honey and prop her up (higher or extra pillow) so she's not lying flat.

Like you we have tried all sorts of things cause we are at our witts end, but thats what works for us.

The last time she had the cough, she also had a temp for 5 days, we thought it was her teeth, but she got gradually worse and it ended up being pneummonia.

I hope this info helps you, I know exactly what its like to not get any sleep with all this happening.

Hi Sharyn, I read your post and could not agree with you more. I am having the exact same problem and would like to know if there has been any progress?? My daughter has a dry cough at night which is non stop. I have tried everything and nothing works. I will try and get the dr to prescribe the steroid however not sure if he will. I too am at witsend and it really gets to my husband and I and I try and explain to people that it is like torture but other people dont quite understand. Have you tried a naturopath? That is my next step. Would love to hear back from you....Kind regards Cherie
Hi BriannaJade, hope things have improved. I am in the same situation. Please advise if anything improved your situation?
Thanks and regrads

Hi Mummies

I have a 13 month old boy who has a night time cough (he has been diagnosed with asthma about 4 months ago) and the ventolin and preventer to help heaps. Maybe it is worth checking with you dr if you can try using ventolin and see if these eases the symptoms.

Another possibility is an allergy to something maybe?? definately worth getting checked out.


My DD at age 2 (she is now 4.5) developed a dry persistent night time cough. We too were told that it was caused by a post nasal drip. We sought another opinion however, and it turns out she is asthmatic. As soon as she was prescribed ventolin, the night time cough stopped.

When she gets a cold, her asthma always flares up, although she has just been put on a preventer called Flixiotide which has helped with this. My DD also does not have a prominent wheeze with her asthma, only if she has a bad attack.

Does your DD have any food allergies by any chance? Or has she ever had eczema in her life?

All these things are linked together generally. My DD has food allergies, eczema and gets bad hayfever, which is why we sought another opinion cause we had a suspicion it could be asthma.

Another thing that helps my DD at night, especially when she has a cold or hayfever, is to get her to blow her nose regularly through the day and before she goes to bed.

Good luck with it all! smile

my little girl had a persistant dry cough at night for months... it drove us all crazy. Nothing would help, i tried everything from propping her up to using a vapouriser.
In the end i just accepted that there was nothing i could do about it. Five months into it she got a real bad cough and was wheezing day and night. The dr. gave us ventolin for asthma, which not only cleared up the asthma cough and wheeze but also that pesky dry night time cough!
hi. My three year old is the exact same. Most nights I get no sleep at all. I was told by the doctors that my son may have asthma which if this was the case, would make him cough a lot more on the night. Since having the inhaler his coughs have started to slow down now and I can finally enjoy some decent sleep. may not help in your case but its there as a suggestion.
Id love any sort of updates on this topic also. Thank you to those who have replied already as i have some valuable suggestions.

One of our main problems is obviously the no sleep all night coughing but the follow on effect of vomiting up dinner because our 3 yo cant stop coughing.

Have tried the vicks on chest and feet, vaporiser (but will try again) propping up.

Very very tired family
For my baby when he feel some cold then i give him
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