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daily tablet for asthma Rss

Hi there. Is anyone using 'Singulair' tablets to treat asthma symptoms in their toddler? Just wondering how long they take to kick in - I've noticed no real improvement after 2 and a half weeks, and I'm starting to wonder if maybe he's been misdiagnosed? My son is 28 months old, and his only symptom is a persistant cough. (Coughing fits several times a day, worse when running around and at night. He's been like this for almost 12 months).
Any thoughts? Is anyone else using these daily tablets?


Hi there,
I laughed when I read your post to my husband. I really suggest you type in Singulair into Google and read the reviews on it. My son has been on it for a month, and he has changed completely. He started getting agitated, violent, suffering from nightmares, constant bad behaviour (normally a very placid 4 year old). I noticed it only happened after commencing the Singulair, and googled it. I also contacted our local Pharmisist, who agreed with the research. Some of the side effects can include internal bleeding, suicidal thoughts and actions in adults, mood alterations, over-reaction to simple situations, violent behaviour, agitation, agression, hepititis and the list goes on. I was in tears after reading this on the net. My son had changed and I immediately ceased the medication, my beautiful gorgeous boy is now back. We are off to a different GP this week to try some other form of asthma treatment.
So now I've had my rant on that!!!! I do suggest you speak to your GP before changing the meds or even continuing them. Singulair certainly helped my son's asthma. He suffers mostly at night when he has a cold. He constantly coughs (not necessarily weazing), until he vomits. The Singulair worked wonders with that, but I was not prepared to continue treatment (I wonder why).
My GP explained that asthma is not always weazing, but can be that continual annoying cough, each person is different I suppose.
Not wanting to alarm anyone, but please research the Singulair and ask your GP if in doubt.

Mum of 2 beautiful boys

my daughter has asthma whenever she gets a cold, and she has a nebuliser here for whenever she gets it which has Ventolin in it. You can either give it through the nebuliser or manually through a spacer. I tried the spacer but it had to be sealed on her face which she would freak out at.
As well as the ventolin she was also on an oral liquid medication.. I can't remember the name of it but your doctor should know what's available. It helps to loosen up the chest and makes the ventolin work better.
good luck, asthma can be scary!


My DS#2 (2 years 6 months) was on Singulair to treat his asthma for just on 6 months. Just recently we have changed back to Flixotide as the Singulair hasn't been controlling his asthma. He originally started on Flixotide at 9 months of age on diagnosis of asthma. However my 4 year old nephew is on Singulair and has had great success with it.

If you haven't seen any improvement or are concerned then I suggest you see your paediatrician/GP again. At present we see our paediatrician 3 monthly to keep a check on how his asthma is going. His flixotide is administered via spacer as is his ventolin when required - which is just as if not more effective than a nebuliser.

I hope you get some results soon.
Trudie xxx

Robert (31 Jan 04) & Jeremy (7 Dec 05 @30 weeks)

Hi Mitchy's mum. In answer to your question about how long before the Singulair tablets take effect...I asked my chemist when I picked up our presciption. She checked up on it and advised test results indicate there is significant dilation of the airways within 12 hours. We were only on it temporarily (1 month) due to a chesty cold presenting with asthma like symptoms. I saw a different doctor to followup on his condition and remarked to him that I did not really notice any marked improvement with the Singulair. He said he rarely prescribes Singulair, opting for other asthma drugs as in his opinion it was not effective, putting aside some of the possible side effects (see above). You could be right, a mis-diagnosis or that a different asthma drug should be tried. Definitely worth following up with a doctor again.
[Edited on 12/06/2008]
[Edited on 12/06/2008]
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