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  5. im looking for a book to read???

im looking for a book to read??? Lock Rss

my kids love going to the library to look at books and sad me does not borrow n e thing can u give me some names of the books u read that are good please???

Are you looking for books for yourself to read or books for you to read with your kids?
I love reading so much I actually signed up to start a book selling business.... now I don't have to go to the library anymore... I love that my family has heaps of books to choose from!

"Just came to say goodbye" I read it in 2 days. I couldn't put it down and it's based in Australia too in my local area so it hit home even more because of this I think. Any mother should read this I urge you all.

Like it
"Exploiting my Baby" by Teresa Strasser. She is an american comedian who decided to write about her pregnancy experience. It's quite funny... and she doesn't leave out any gory details lol!

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if your looking for a book for yourself try a lesley peirce book! shes my favourite , those ones you just cant put down - try 'never look back'! if u want a pregas book try up the duff(funny book) or ina mays guide to child birth
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