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Postive blood test and 5 weeks preggers Lock Rss


Just wanted to know if anyone else had no symtoms at this stage just postive blood tests.

Concerned because my first pregnancy I had all symtoms.(sorry not sre how to spell).

Can someone tell me if this is normal.

Please reply.

4 1/2 yrs boy 28 mth girl

With my first I didn't know until I was 5 weeks and I had no sympotms apart from the usual tiredness, until 6 1/2 weeks then the nausea hit...not vomitting though. But mostly you don't feel pregnant until you hear the heartbeat (between 10-14 weeks) or unless you have to go for a dating scan.

With my 2nd I knew just before 4 weeks when I got the Nauseas feeling again. That was because I knew what to expect from the 1st time.

Now with number 3 I'm 39 weeks and still have days where I don't feel prgnant...LOL except when I look down or get massive kicks from inside.

Anyway everyone feels like this when they first get pregnant...those 2 blue lines, or the positve blood test are usually all we have to go on until we start hearing the heartbeat.....but don't worry soon you will start noticing changes in your body.

Good Luck and Congratulations, pregnancy is such a wonderful experience.
Mel smile

Mel, SA, Jayden 10/02, Harley 08/04, Zoe 09/06

Hi Katia,

I was 5 weeks on the 22/9 and still have no ms at all… a few vague symptoms but that's it… how are you now?


I was 6 weeks when I did a home test because my period was 6 days late. It turns out I was pregnant during my last period aswell.

I didn't have any MS, (still haven't) and I always get sore breasts during my period, which I didn't think was unusual. The doctor confirmed it, but apart from feeling very tired, I don't feel much different!!


I love my 2 girls and my hubby

wiht my first I had no symptoms & didn't find out until 8 weeks, still didn't have any symptoms until I started to show about 16 weeks. 2nd time I knew from 4 weeks but didn't have any symptoms until 6 weeks when a little bit of nausea started.

Heidi, NZ, DD apr 05, DS apr 07

hi Katia

well i found out today that we are expecting. i am around 4-5 weeks pregnant so very early.

i only tested as i am supposed to get my period today and i just want to be pregnant so much to my supprise the test was positive and blood test positive as well.

all i can say is im tired but i usually do a lot of driving so it wasnt a huge sign oh my nails are breaking and they are usually very strong but only just thought of that. any way all the best with your bub

Hi Katia each of my 6 pregnancys have been very different.This on i havnt been sick at all just very tired in the first few months.I was really sick with 2 of them and the others i was a little sick.My last one has just turned 1 and i was sick almost from the week i fell i think but my 1st one he is 10 it took about 8 weeks to get sick and it stayed all the way through.if your not sick your lucky how much age gap is there sometimes if they are close your hormones havn't had time to get back to normal and you might not get sick or sore boobs ext.good luck lisa

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