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What to do in early weeks? Lock Rss

Well I found out on Saturday with a preg test I was pregnant and went to the doctor for blood tests on Tuesday. All she told me to do was buy some folate tablets but I bought Fefol Multi-Preg cause they have heaps more in them. What now? Is there anything else i can be doing/taking? What vitamins is everyone else taking?

congratulations smile

i think iron, folic acid and calcium are the most important things you need to take.

folate is especially important for the first trimester so make sure you get 500mcg a day.

i took blackmores folate every day for the first 4-5 months and also took calcium tablets every few days. now i take iron tablets aswell cos baby takes away alot of your iron so you have to be careful.

i had perfect iron levels in my first blood test, but at my 28 week one, they had all gone so i was put on the suppliments.

i havent taken a multivitamin cos they make me feel sick but make sure i eat as healthy as i can (most of the time lol)

just do all the regular stuff; dont drink, have plenty of water, dont lift heavy things, avoid deli meats and soft cheeses etc.

hope all goes well for you and you dont get any morning sickness smile


Firstly - congratulations!

I went with the highly recommended Elevit multi vitamin tablet as it has everything in it.

My suggestion for what to do in the early weeks of pregnancy is to rest when you can (I was so tired and nauseated for the first 12 wks) but come 13wks you should hopefully have more energy back and that's when you start getting things organised (or at least I did). Enjoy it! I've been loving this pregnancy! If my hubby isn't careful I may want to have more then the 2 children we said we'd have!! hehe

I presume you are only a 4-6 weeks pregnant, and taking Folate is a great start, I used to take ELIVIT pregnancy vitims, they were great.
Rest whenever possible, because pretty soon Fatigue like you've never know will most likely set in, for the first trimester at least. I just found that it was best to nap whenever I didn;t have work, or go to bed early. It does help to be prepared for the tiredness that early pregnancy brings.
Also try to keep easy fulfilling snacks handy as you may start to get nauseas soon. I found eating little healthy fulfilling snacks, eg: banana's, apples, toast etc.. frequently kept the actually vomiting at bay. I just found eating whenever the sickness feeling came on, helped.
Anyway congratualtions and good luck......
PS. Read back thru all the old posts as your pregnancy progresses, and you will find that the best advice is on here, from women who have actually experienced all the little niggles you will go thru, rather than from a text book.
Mel x

Mel, SA, Jayden 10/02, Harley 08/04, Zoe 09/06

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