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abnormal ultrasound - have you had this then had a healthy bub? Lock Rss

We had to go for a dating scan today to determine just how pregnant we really are and on the ultrasound bub's was looking fine, good heart beat etc....but the tummy had a dark area that was apprently a little larger than it should be......because I am only 9 weeks I was told that it is too early to tell if there is anything to worry about and when I go back for my 12 week scan they can tell me a lot more. I understand all of that but of course am really worried.......have you ever had something abnormal on your scan but then had a happy and healthy bub?

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

Hi there. I have not had this happen, but a friend of mine has. She was told all these nasty things that were wrong with her baby and spent her whole pregnancy being stressed and the baby came out perfect and 'normal'! So they can be wrong at times, just TRY (i know it is hard) not to stress for the next 3 weeks and just see what happens, you can not do anything about it by stressing, and stress is not good for anyone especially you!

Good Luck. Please keep us updated.
Most definately it can all be fine in the end.

I was told I had a high risk of my baby being down syndrome after the screening test was done, it only measures the thickness of the neck and if its thicker than 'normal' you are a high risk for a Down Syndrome baby. I gave birth to a beautiful, strong and very alert baby boy 6 weeks ago.

Scans are good for detecting things, but they also find things that sometimes are just there or that sort themselves out later. I mean, what happened years ago when no scans were around? We didn't know much and probably better for it, as it mostly causes stress for no good reason.

Im sure you will find things are fine at 12 weeks and IF not, things can still change - at the moment so much is happening its bound to all be different.

Good Luck


At my 19wk ultrasound my bubs had a soft indicator for down syndrome (echogenic cardiac foci - something to do with the heart). This can be a normal variant in some babies. I gave birth 3wks ago to a healthy baby girl.

I know it's hard, but don't stress too much. Hope your next scan goes well.

good luck

Hi all,

I had a ultrasound and it showed two little markers, one in the brain and one in the heart. My doctor easily brought me to tears saying they are worried because of these basically dark spots on the ultrasound, and if they found another one ( 3 total ) that there was a good chance it would be born with either downs or similar probs. Just my luck it had another! After a week wait I ended up in Brisbane getting a 3D and 4D scan and much to my relief they were just tiny fluid spots that alot of babies can get and they simply grow into them. The lovely lady who did the ultra sound explained that these are common and usually get alot of people upset and worried. So keep an open mind and don't stress out too much ( i know it is hard ) Best of luck and hope everything goes well, by the way I ended up with a beautiful and healthy baby girl. She is now 7mths...

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