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5 weeks and always hungry Rss

Hi ladies, I've just gone 5 weeks and I'm always hungry!! I notice that I'm eating less than I usually do per sitting but I'm really hungry again about 10-20 minutes later, is this normal and do you have any snack/ meal advice?

Hi there. I often read ladies telling about their mood swings as prego symptoms. But this is very individual. Moreover for those going through fertility treatments. Meds mixing with stress and waiting and doubting - everything may effect. I always tried not to test before day 14, but usually failed. I personally took home tests after day 8 the soonest..YES, I used to be super hungry when being prego!! I think it's absolutely normal.
Wishing you all the very best!
Yes that is normal, My wife actually eat a lot. I mean a lot. Every now and then. My only problem though is, she is looking for fruits that is out of season.
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