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Do I let new employer know I'm pregnant? Lock Rss

I have just had a job interview and will find out Monday if I was successful, it is a 1 year fixed term contract.
However, today I have had a very faint positive pregnancy test. Hubby and I decided to stop TTC 5 days before ovulation so I could go back to work, but I must have ovulated early!
If I am successful, am I required to let my employer know I am pregnant before accepting the job?
I think the less we cheat each other, the easier and easier to live. Sooner or later the employer will still find out. Here the process is one way and there may be trouble. We must immediately tell the truth about pregnancy, if you understand it is luck
There shouldn't be a problem. I think you should be honest with him. He can't do much about it, to be honest. You shouldn't worry about it. I'm sure it will all be fine. Good luck to you! You can manage to pull through this.
Thanks Rebeca! Thanks for help!
I dont think you should tell yet. Just get the blood test done before you inform them. It is something natural and not really in your control. Once the test results come then yes do tell them. I hope it wouldn't have an effect on your job. Good luck to you! Congratulations on getting pregnant. I hope things go smooth.
There's nothing wrong in that, to be fair. I would suggest being upfront about it. It's better to be on the safe side. I'm sure, they'll be understanding about it! It is up to you, after all. Good luck with it. Good luck with your pregnancy, as well. I hope it all goes well!
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