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Early miscarriage?? Lock Rss

my husband and I are trying for our 3rd baby.
My last period was 11th August. I tested last monday (2nd September... early I know) and 2 tests came back positive. Tuesday morning positive again. Tuesday afternoon I tried a digital and it was negative! Tried a regular one again Wednesday and Thursday and both we’re positive but the line was fainter than the start of the week. Friday I woke up with cramping and bleeding just like a period. Went to the doctor and the pregnancy test was negative. Took one Saturday and negative again. I had a blood test Friday and just got my results back. The HCG levels were 0! How could it go to 0 the same day I started cramping and bleeding!?
Might seem crazy but I just feel as though the 5 positive tests I took were wrong and I never was pregnant and the bleeding I’m having now is just my period not a miscarriage..
Hey, I hope you are well. I hope it's not an MC. Just stay positive about it. I would suggest that you book an appointment with your doctor. It is really important to see if an action needs to be taken or not. Other than that there are a few things you can do to make this all better. Firstly, see if you're spotting or not. Usually, cramps might happen due to body changes as well. However, it is really important that the child's heart is beating and its growing. Don't worry and don't be stressful. The doctor might not do an ultrasound straight away. Therefore, it's better to go now and not delay things further. Sending positive vibes your way. I am sure things will be fine. Do keep us updated.
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