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Surrogacy Or IVF. Rss

Hey Anna! I'm fine. What about you? I really become very sad to know about your failure. I can understand the situation that you are dealing with. I think surrogacy will be the right option to avail. People often move toward surrogacy after IVF. I think it's a normal thing. I have also passed through the process of surrogacy. What a blessing it is for the couples have some fertility issues. I was also banned in our country so we have to move to Europe to have it. I think you should go for it without any suggestions. Every 6th couple is getting help from surrogacy to fulfill their wish. I hope it will also be fruitful for you. Just be positive and hopeful. Everything will be fine.
My support and love
I think that your husband is right. Don't waste your time. Don't waste your money. IVF may be not successful in your case. You must definitely go for surrogacy. There is a clinic in Europe. They are best in dealing with surrogacy. I wish you a very good luck.
Hello Anna. I am fine. Thanks for asking. How are you doing? I am sorry to ask that you have not mentioned the reason behind the failures. Can you kindly mention that? I guess it will help us to advise you better. Meanwhile, stay healthy and take good care. Lots of love to you.
Hello there. I am so sorry for your loss. How are you? how are you coping with everything? Everything happens for a reason. It is good to see that you did not lose hope. As most couples feel like there is no hope left at all.
I am so happy for you. It is amazing that you are planning to go for either of the options. Both these options have their pros and cons. You will have to see which one suits you the best. If I personally ever had to choose between either, I would go for surrogacy. The reason is very simple. It has better chances as compared to IVF. Also, it is not as long or painful of a journey.
There are many good clinics all over the place these days for surrogacy. however, you would have to do a good research before you decide on the clinic. There are so many false clinics around.
Hey there. I hope things are well. I'm glad you decided to talk about your problem on this forum. This is a good decision on your part. IVF is a very complicated process. You're right, it is normally more successful for women with normal ovaries. Tough luck with this. If you guys are short on money, I'd suggest you look at safer alternatives. There's surrogacy, which is very common. It is also a much safer option compared to IVF. The risk involved is very low. You can always try for twins as well. So there's a better chance of it working out. I hope this helps you make a decision. Good luck!
I think you should consider other options. It is very painful to go for IVF again and again. Since two cycles have failed already. I would say stop trying more. Still, if you wanna try. Ask the doctor for the success chances. If there is a fair number. Go for it. Also, if you have eggs retrieved and frozen that will be great. You can use them for surrogacy
Hi there. I really hope that you are doing good and coping well with you problems. Please do not lose hope. If you can afford it you should try some more for IVF. The strong emotional bond between the baby and mother that develops during pregnancy is something out of this world. Feeling you baby inside you and connecting with it is so special. Surrogacy should be the last resort in my opinion. As i didnt have any other option so I had to go for surrogacy. Being nearly scammed by lotus clinic didnt help my spirits too. So it was a difficult time. I would not anyone to have that kind of experience. Of course you are dreading another failed attempt but its worth the risk i think. Good luck and best wishes
Yvonne Dawson wrote:
Hey, Anna here. How are you doing? I want a piece of advice from here. As I am infertile I go for IVF to fulfil my desire of becoming a mother. But unluckily my first 2 cycles failed miserably. And now I am thinking of changing my mind towards surrogacy because my husband is persuading me towards it. Should I go for surrogacy or try it a bit more.

I guess opting for surrogacy is not like ''well I want a surro this time to carry the baby for me''. The process is much complicated. And there must be the reasons your dr will advice you this very treatment plan. Such as medical problems with your uterus. You had a hysterectomy that removed your uterus. Or conditions that make pregnancy impossible or risky for you, such as severe heart disease. Or when you've tried at least 5 ivf shots with no luck. Of course the latter may vary within clinics, but the forner two ARE the reasons. Then if you're planning for surrogacy you'd better do a huge research work and self educating on the point. As surrogacy law varies tremendously throughout the world. You should be aware of all possible risks which might be hidden. I've just shared some of the thoughts on another thread. I think I can paste here.
I personally did a huge research work on surrogacy in the US and the UK first. And the situation there turned out to be not that simple. Taking for ex. US frst, surrogacy there is overwhelmingly expensive. Costs vary from $60 to 150k! Unless you have a kind friend willing to carry the baby for you. If things go wrong (A surrogate backing out or a miscarriage) you will have to pay at least $5k to match with another surrogate. Also you'll have to do their health workup through the agency. Seems there are so many costs that could be added at any time! Furthermore, it seems so unreasonable that most of that cost goes to the agency or lawyer. (Rather than the surrogate, who receives on average of $20k for the pregnancy in the US.) Moreover in some states, surrogate mothers retain a parental right to the child. They can even pursue custody. Even though the embryos placed in the surrogate have both of your DNA, the surrogate mother’s name is on the birth certificate! Then you have to go through the process of adopting the baby in court.
Moving further, the woman who gives birth is always treated as the mother in UK law. She has the right to keep the child. Even if they’re not genetically related!! However, parenthood can be transferred by parental order or adoption. Surrogacy contracts aren’t enforced by UK law. Even if you’ve a signed deal with your surrogate and have paid for her expenses!! It’s illegal to pay a surrogate in the UK. (Except for their reasonable expenses.) The child’s legal father or ‘second parent’ will be the surrogate’s husband or partner unless: Legal rights are given to someone else through a parental order or adoption;
The surrogate’s husband or civil partner didn’t give their permission to their wife or partner.
If your surrogate has no partner (Or they’re unmarried and not in a civil partnership) the child will have no legal father or second parent unless the partner actively consents.
After much gleaning in forums it becomes clear that Ukraine has some useful options to offer. First, surrogacy there is relatively affordable. With all-inclusive plans starting at 32k up to 50k, which covers absolutely everything outside of your plane tickets! Among services transportation, food, accommodations. All things that involve IVF for you if you are using your own eggs, surrogate screening and medical costs, birth at the hospital. It is also the same price if you choose to use donor eggs instead. It is a nice back-up plan to have if things don’t work out with your own-- at no additional cost!! This blews away. It's a rare thing to see this kind of all-inclusive plan anywhere else. The best part about it is that they guarantee you a baby. If the first surrogate doesn’t work out, they will try again with another using your frozen embryos until they are successful. We have encountered other couples who chose Ukraine purely for the guarantee factor of a baby at biotexcom. Also ukrainian law favors the intended parents rather than the surrogate. Under it the baby is yours from the moment of conception. Once the baby is born, the birth certificate is issued with your names. The surrogate cannot claim any rights. Lastly, the procedure is time-wise there. IP don't have to put in yrs before actual start of the program.
This choice is always individual for every couple. I just wanted to say if it's surrogacy for you, don't expect it to be ''easier'' for you. Good luck!!
Rozinaj121 wrote:
I think that your husband is right. Don't waste your time. Don't waste your money. IVF may be not successful in your case. You must definitely go for surrogacy. There is a clinic in Europe. They are best in dealing with surrogacy. I wish you a very good luck.

I'd doubt this. My clinic offers 5 ivf rounds for 10k euros. Along with the program you get:
A huge donor database (if opting for donor egg);
All meds needed for the subsequent protocol;
All med examinations for both;
Accommodations and trasportation;
Live birth guarantee or money refund after 5 failures in a row.
This is a nice plan to have by all means. First, 'cause you make sure you DID try ivf but it didn't work fr you. And then you get your money back and can invest it in further treatments. Surrogacy for example. The similar guaranteed package is avaliable with them for 50k euros. (But I truly think it takes 1-2 shots for the surro to fall prego with them.)
So no need to be in a hurry. Just study the situation well. Evaluate all pros and cons. The choice is always responsible.
Hey there. Whichever you choose, be wary of scammers. There are so many bad clinics around. They do not care about clients. To them, this is all about making money. One such is A*****. I have read so much negative about this clinic. I am glad i saw the reviews before contacting them.
Sorry to hear that you had to through this. But don't worry as there are many options like surrogacy as well. What were the reasons for failure of first 2 attempts? How is the success rate of the clinic you are consulting for your IVF? Consult a good clinic if you think clinic lacks professionality. IVF has quite good success rate among other procedures. Try it for one more time if you think there was some kind of luck issue. Surrogacy is also a good option. It has also good success rate. The good success rate depends upon the clinic professionalism also. If the clinic is professional then it will have a good success rate also. Surrogacy is less complicated as compared to IVF. Hopefully it will turn into a success for you. Sending you best wishes for your next step.

Yeah! fine! I must have to agree with that. There are many couples having the process now. I'm having my process at a center. I also went there last year, but since I went there last month for my case, the dates were later. As they already have increased traffic. Thousands of couple do have the process of surrogacy. I guess you're totally right with the sixth stats...Anyway! thanks for sharing the post here. Would really help to create awareness for all. Stay blessed all. smile
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