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IVF didn't brought any luck for me. I went through different cycles of IVF but nothing positive. Before IVF i also tried IUI but there was also no luck there for me as well. Than we came to know about surrogacy. Many people around me keep talking of it. So i was curious whats the success rate if this method? So i joined different forums to know more about it. Here on forums many people are talking about it. Many people are sharing their success stories at different clinics. From the peoples journeys i learnt alot about surrogacy. People are mostly talking about the best clinics regarding surrogacy. People share their experiences about different clinics. I learn from their experiences. I have also decided that i will go for surrogacy. I have told my husband about it and he is positive too about this. Bulgaria is not allowing surrogacy. So probably we will move to Ukraine.
Hi Andie! Hope you are in good health. So sorry to hear about your infertility issue. I know how hard it can be to deal with I have also been through it. IVF is indeed a good process and the chances of success are high but it is not a sure shot. There is no guarantee that it will work and just so we are on the topic let me tell you that it is painful but it is the only way to get pregnant for you. IVF failed for me twice than I moved to surrogacy. I went to a clinic in Ukraine for my surrogacy procedure. It was the best decision and the best experience of my life. Nothing was working for me. IVF failed, IUI failed, Adoption was never an option and infertile medications were only making me weak. Surrogacy came to me as a blessing and I am now mother of a baby girl. I wish you the best of luck.
Hi Andie! Hope you are in good health. So sorry to hear about your situation. There is nothing to worry about IVF has high chances of success and it is a little painful. However, it is not something that works for everyone. IVF failed for me so I had to resort to surrogacy from Ukraine as my escape from infertility. IVF still has high chances of success but it is not a sure shot like surrogacy. I wish you the best of luck. Hope everything turns out for the best. Take care
So sad to learn about your experience dear. You can also go for some other options too. You can go for surrogacy if you feel problems in conceiving naturally. The success rate in surrogacy is almost 100%. I also opted surrogacy because of its reliability. A very prominent clinic in Eastern Europe is offering infertility treatments. I’m sure your desire will be fulfilled soon!
Hey there how are you? Really sorry to know what you had gone through. IVF will help you dear. Be hopeful and positive. It will be painful and time taking but believe me its worth it.Sending you baby dust. Good luck
Hey Andie! Hope so you are doing good. I just read your post. I really felt sorry to know about your condition. But don't worry, it is life. But in today's world, nothing is impossible. Or think IVF is a great method to make your dream come true. In this process, gametes of the intended parents are fertilized outside the body. Then the embryo formed is injected into the uterus for further growth and development. There are some clinics in Europe that are very trending for such treatments. All the customers are provided with the gender selection offer for IVF. It's a safe and advanced method to conceive. I think you should go for it. All my sympathies are with you.
IVF is the process in which egg and sperms are kept outside the body. They keep it in certain circumstances to get fertilized. There is a clinic in Europe that are best in dealing with IVF. You must go for it. I wish you a very good luck.
Hey Andie. How are you doing? Hope so you are fine now. I am very sorry for you. Infertility nowadays is curable. You don't need to worry anything about future. Everything will be fine. Well IVF is the best treatment for you. In this treatment, your egg and your husband sperm will be fertilized in a test tube. And then they put it into the womb of you. It is all natural. You will carry a baby then for 9 months. It is very easy treatment. Just stay strong and be positive.
Hey! How are you doing? There is nothing much confusing. IVF is so common now. Almost every second infertile person is doing so. Hope you would also have your baby through this procedure. To start with you got to have a good quality of eggs that fertilized well. It that won't be the case you could even look for DE. That is donor eggs. And that's also good enough. And you should be healthy enough to conceive and to sustain a pregnancy. There would be a number of cycles. And there is no certainty at which cycle you would conceive. Look for the clinics with the affordable prices. Or you could also show up to me for further details.
In my opinion, don't waste your time on IVF. You must go for surrogacy. IVF success rate is low as compared to surrogacy. There is a clinic in Europe. They are best in dealing with surrogacy. You should go there. Trust me you won't regret your decision.
I think you made a great decision by opting for IVF. There are some things that you need to consider. First of all you, need to choose a very good clinic. You can search the web for it. You can visit different forms where you will get to know different people. They share their experiences of different clinics. Different clinics have different reputation you need to choose the best. Second, I can tell you that the IVF is a bit painful but it is not as painful as not having a child. There are many clinics that will make you go through the process without any difficulty.
Hey, Andie, I hope you are doing well. What was the reason as to why your doctor said that you cant conceive naturally? Even if that was the case, IVF directly? Usually, doctors prescribe you medication to see if things can be improved. I would honestly suggest that you visit another doctor, someone who is a fertility specialist. Apart from that IVF is a great procedure it has proven to be successful for many. However, for the procedure again it is important you visit a clinic with a high success rate. I hope everything goes fine and don't worry everything will be alright.
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