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Sharp rectal pain 33 weeks pregnant Rss

I am 33+2 weeks pregnant with my 4th child.
I've had Braxton Hicks since around the 26 week mark but the last couple of weeks have been extremely painful and uncomfortable.
Had midwife check up last week and everything seemed fine.
Baby's head was down in my pelvis but she said there is still room for baby to move around.
At my 30 week check up I was measuring at 31cm/weeks, but at 32+5 check up there was no change in size.
Midwife said if measurement doesn't change at next appointment in 2 weeks I will go for a growth scan.
I've recently been experiencing occasional rectal pain and what feels like pressure behind my pubic bone.
Tonight the pain returned in my bum which was sharp and excruciating, accompanied by discomfort in my lower abdomen. I couldn't talk, I had to attempt to get on all fours to alleviate the pain until it passed.
I've had increased discharge and the other day I had wondered whether my waters were leaking as I could feel fluid trickle down my leg while shopping but honestly thought it may have been discharge or at the worst I had slightly peed myself (although I didn't need to at the time).
All other pregnancies have been fine.
I've always delivered at 38 weeks, my waters have never leaked or broken spontaneously, Braxton Hicks have never been so painful, I've never had rectal pain with the others.
Should I contact my midwife in the morning or just monitor how I go and wait for my next check up?
Has anyone else had these problems? With the rectal pain?
That sounds normal. Maybe, your body is getting ready for labor. Please consult with your doctor or midwife. She will be better explain to you about this..

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