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Help...Ttc - implantation or chemical pregnancy? Rss

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts what might be happening.
Weve been trying to concieve for a few months, my cycles are anywhere from 24-30 days, ive never missed a period before.
On day 18 of my cycle i had a tny bit of blood on the toilet paper when wiping, the next day a tiny bit of brown blood...i thought, great this could finally be implantation bleeding! During these first couple days i did have a bit of cramping which felt like i was getting AF...then the next three days a few times a day when i wiped after going to the toilet there was some red blood on the toilet paper, there was never enough for it to bleed onto the pad.
Ive since had multiple bfn's but my 'real' normal period never came...about 8 days late now. Could i possibly have had implantation, but then it immediately didnt stick? I would have thought (after having a chemical pregnancy in the past before conciving my daughter) that i would have had bleeding at least as heavy as my normal period. Or may i still have a chance of being pregnant and maybe the hgc hormone levels just arent high enough to give me a positive test?
I also use ovulation tests each cycle, but dont know now if i should count that very light bleeding as my period?
Help! So confused.
Anyone? Still no 'real' period ????
your spotting on day 18 could have been ovulation. some women get a slight bleed or spotting with ovulation. And AF type pains could also be ovulation.
I can't really explain any of the rest. I know my body did some pretty strange things for a few months, and then there are anovulatory cycles, where you don't ovulate at all. which can change things again. I had light spotting just before AF would have been due, like i was about to get AF then nothing. My cycles are usually 23-28 days this cycle was 54 days. Maybe its worth a trip to the doctor?

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