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13+ weeks and sharp pain that suddenly came and went Lock Rss

Hi all, I will be 14 weeks in 2days time and today i had very sharp pain in lower abdomin that came on suddenly and lasted about 1-2 mins then went away about 5 mins later i had like a gurgling feeling in stomach but have had nothing since. I am soo worried as i had a mc in nov last year with no signs other than bleeding.
I went for my 12wk scan 2 weeks ago and baby was active and had a strong heartbeat of 161 bpm.
I guess i am wondering if this is normal and if anyone else has had this.
Many thanks for any advice and help.
I had the same when I was pregnant with my bubs who is 2 1/2 months now I had some sort of pain in my tummy always. I'm pretty sure everything is stretching inside and we tend to get muscles spasms. If you are really concerned and it keeps happening go to your doctor. But if Bub was active and good heartbeat I'm sure he or she is ok. Hope that helps!
Hi Jana. Thanks soo much.
That's ok
Good luck with everything ????
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