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Coffee and pregnancy Lock Rss

Hi everyone, what is peoples thoughts on having coffee while pregnant?

I only started drinking coffee again a couple weeks ago (when I was 18 weeks I think), I really missed it - and I have read that it is okay to have coffee but also read that it is not okay - I only have one cup in a day.

Any advice would be appreciated smile
Thank you
I normally only have one cup of coffee a day and will continue while I'm pregnant with this baby. I think it's ok to still have some caffeine ????.
From what I've read it's fine to have between 1-3 cups of caffeine per day when pregnant depending on what kind.

Me personally, I have switched over to tea which still has caffeine in it. I normally drink 1 or 2 cups of tea per day at work, and when I'm at home on the weekend, I'll allow myself a "real" coffee from our nespresso machine in the morning, and then switch to the de-caff pods if I want a coffee after that.

Don't discount the de-caff if it's the taste you want. They taste the same to me!
I'm sure you'll be okay, coke and soft drinks like that have caffeine and I had them all through out my pregnancy and I was okay and so was bub, he's doing well after birth too so. but just my opinion.
I continued to have 1 cup of coffee a day while pregnant. Although I didn't have any at all during my second trimester as it tasted funny.

So long as you don't over do it I think you should be fine.
I think it's the least problematic of the things you could do. As long as you aren't lacing it with Heroin or Cocaine, a cup or two a day meh.
Thank you all for all the useful comments, I just wanted reassurance that everything was all good with a bit of caffeine added to the mix. The last response was a bit ridiculous, however.
Ayates wrote:
Thank you all for all the useful comments, I just wanted reassurance that everything was all good with a bit of caffeine added to the mix. The last response was a bit ridiculous, however.

It was basically saying don't beat yourself up over a cup or two here and there. It won't hurt you or baby. Gosh.
Thank you, that makes sense smile I mean I'm obviously not going to lace my coffee with drugs haha
I would hope not tongue
That'd be an expensive coffee.
I drank tea, not coffee for all my pregnancies. So caffeine all the same. Only talking from personal experience, my three babes all turned out quite well. They're amazing little monsters. I know I got to say that because i'm their mum but they are pretty cool. Always healthy. No problems. No delays. Growing like weeds.
I did not smoke nor do drugs nor drink through my pregnancies, just a little caffeine here and there. More so in the winter months.
Good luck with your pregnancy.
Hey ladies, I'm still drinking coffee but I switched to decaf and I think it tastes exactly the same smile I'm pretty sure you're aloud to have around 200mg of caffeine a day anyway so one regular coffee is fine
I had caffeine (4-6 cups a day) exactly how I normally would throughout my entire pregnancy with no adverse effects. In my opinion, and its only my own opinion, if you just STOP or suddenly change your habits because your pregnant these can have more unintended adverse effects than if you were to just carry on as usual. Therefore slowly decreasing your intake would be a better idea. Personally i think. unless you are normally consuming caffeine to excess ... i.e. skulling 15 coffees a day, or your high permanently on caffeine pills then consuming caffeine whilst your pregnant shouldn't be a problem. Caffeine shouldn't cause you any issues throughout your pregnancy if you apply common sense. If you feel more comfortable stopping, then stop. If you feel okay with carrying on as usual, then do that. With that said I am not a Dr, its just my opinion. I had no problems whatsoever just carrying on consuming caffeine as i normally would after all i know my own limits. And I never felt unwell. And I never over did it. Common Sense.
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