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Could it be twins?? ???? Lock Rss

My partner and I have been trying for a couple of years with no luck. I have PCOS and had actually decided to go back on contraception last week. Then last weekend did a test and got a positive result.

This morning I did another test just to make certain, and it was a definite BFP. So I made an appointment with the GP (couldn't get in to my usual so saw another doc but still booked an app with my normal doc for next week).

Well the doctor freaked me out and told me that PCOS can cause a false positive? Either way he sent me for bloods and gave me a referral for an US to confirm pregnancy. I wasn't meant to do the US until next week though.

When I called to book they had an appointment for this afternoon so I decided stuff it. When I got there they couldn't see enough with abdominal US, so they did an internal one which was a bit clearer. However they said it was still to early to confirm dates.

There is a definite gestational sac, and there is something in it - but not clear enough to measure or "confirm a viable pregnancy" as they put it.

Something about their behaviour put me on edge though - like they weren't telling me what they thought they could see.

Anyway gestational sac is measuring 4.8mm and yolk sac is measuring 1.5mm.

By my last period I'm calculated as 5w6d, and by the US they have calculated 5w0d.

When I look at the US though I think it looks like there are two things in the gestational sac! Has anyone had anything similar?

Have you had another scan yet ?
I'm sure they are just being wary, so as to not get your hopes up incase there is a problem, but more than likely its simply too early and you need to wait a coupel of weeks smile

Even my GP refused to give me an ultrasound until at least 8 weeks as she says it stressed mums out if they can't detect a heartbeat at the earlier scans.

Try to relax. smile Fingers crossed for you for a healthy pregnancy
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