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How does a braxton hicks contraction feel like? Lock Rss

Hi everyone. I am a first-time mum, and currently 26 weeks pregnant. I have heard a lot about braxton hicks contractions that pregnant women usually experience starting from second trimester of pregnancy. But, how do they feel like actually? Are they like intense period pain? So far, I only have dull pain, sharp pain and just discomforts in my lower abdomen. I do sometimes have lower back pain as well, like when you are about to have your period. But, I don't think I have ever had intense period pain in my lower belly, like what you usually have on your first day or second day of menstrual period.

Thank you!
Hello, I am 27 weeks with my 3rd baby and am experiencing a lot of braxton hicks in the last few weeks.
I didn't notice them with my first and with my second I didn't get them until much closer to my due date.
They feel like your belly has a band put around it and is tightening it. You can see your belly get really hard and they don't hurt as such but can be quite uncomfortable.
Mine normally last about 40 seconds then my tummy releases and the tight feeling is gone.
If I move around I can get it to stop more quickly so that I'm not so uncomfortable.
They are irregular and can strike at anytime, catching me off guard lol.
Yesterday I had a lot of them and baby was wriggling so much yesterday all day.
I hope this helps.
I definitely wouldn't describe it as bad period pain, completely different then that however everyone is different so I'm not sure smile
I never had Braxton hicks but in the later stages of pregnancy I felt very uncomfortable from my waist down. Like if I was sitting in a car I would have horrible pressure like in my butt area, it was the babys head pushing down into the pelvis. As you get further along you'll likely be more uncomfortable down in your lower abdomen area, I had pains and pressure feeling for a good bit. When I was driving to the hospital at 38 weeks to be induced if we hit a bump in the road, omg, it was awful painful pressure feeling from bubs head. Not Braxton hicks I don't think but just somthing else to be aware of.

Thanks a lot, ladies. Appreciate your responses smile I don't think I have experienced braxton hicks, then. Sometimes I feel pre-menstrual pain around my lower abdomen, but it's very mild and goes away quickly. For the pressure, yes I guess I will have it later stages of my pregnancy. I heard about that a lot.
I would talk to your midwife about it, I had period like cramps at 24 weeks, thought it was just growing pains, turns out I was in labour. Especially as your having back pains as well better to get checked out then to leave it and end up spending the next 4 months in nicu.
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