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Anyone declined the gestational diabetes tests? Lock Rss

That's just it the complications aren't 'just' around a baby's low blood sugar levels after birth, which, like makalu said can't always be corrected just by feeding (my 3rd was within 0.1 of needing the intravenous drip) but also related to the birth itself and hospitals have no way of knowing what level of complication, if any, a mother and child are going to experience in labour or post birth so they have to be prepared for the worst case scenario 'just in case'. Are the complications necessarily likely for everyone ... no, but personally I prefer to be in the right place for dealing with the worst case and then be thankful when it doesn't happen to me.

Something else to consider is that maybe the 'over hyped' nature of GD, in your viewpoint South Coast Chick, is because so many who have it don't end up with the complications so they get lax about worrying about it or develop the 'it'll be right' stance so medical professionals have to highlight and really push the fact that it comes with major potential issues so that people do actually take it seriously. Does that mean that sometimes people get freaked out by things, yes - I freaked out when diagnosed with my first and again when I had to start using insulin with my 3rd but my midwives/doctors were really good at addressing my fears and anxieties. They gave me the information I needed to understand what was happening and why it was important. Maybe it's just a different view point, but I would rather be aware of all the possible complications/treat something like GD as something serious, which it can be, and have everything be ok at the end of the day than dismiss it because 'I didn't experience any problems/I only had 'minor' complications'.

Like I said, lets agree to disagree. Each to their own opinion.
I was lucky, some women may not be so lucky, but some are. Everyone's pregnancies and post natal period are different. I will be getting another test done if I fall again, but I was just trying to tell you my personal experiance. Like I said I was speaking for myself, not anyone else.

So glad you've decided to take the test MK_22!

Yep! There's no point worrying about it if you don't have it.

I only had it with my 4th (and final) baby and was lucky that I could control it by diet alone.

I just wanted to add for others that may be reading this that it's not just your sugar intake that you have to watch. My main area that I had to cut back was carbs. So there's a little more to it. So better the devil you know!

I only ever had to do the test which involved fasting if my initial test came back high.

Good luck and hopefully you'll have nothing to worry about.

Diabetes at both ends of the spectrum I.e hyperglycaemia or hypoglycaemia can cause someone to slip into a coma and die. Everyone has the right to refuse treatment just be fully informed .
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