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Clexane and worried Lock Rss


I am just wondering if anybody else is on Clexane injections? I found out a little over a week ago i am pregnant. This is my second pregnancy, my first i carried until 30 weeks when i birthed my angel baby. They have put me on Clexane as well as aspirin for blood clots as they were found in the placenta. I have been taking these for 10 days or so and then last night i read the pamplet and now i am scared as anything to carry on taking the injections. I feel like i am damned if i do and damned if i dont. I guess i am asking if anyone is on it, been on it during pregnancy or decided not to take it even after being prescribed it.
My SIL has diabetes and blood clotting quite common with diabetics so she had to give herself the injections the whole way through the pregnancy.

I am going overseas next month at 22 weeks and my OB has suggested I give myself the needles to stop blood clotting as it a long haul flight. I am a little unsure about it though. I have to remind her at my next appointment and then she will give me a script for it.

I took clexane for about half of my pregnancy. We did ivf and this was part of our fs protocol to eliminate this as a potential problem. I just took it a part and parcel of process and doing it for a worthwhile reason. Also took aspirin till about 5 weeks before my twins were due. I have a friend who has taken clexane for both of her pregnancies as she miscarried several times and everything went well for her after taking clexane. The only side effect I had was the black bruising it left and took many months for the silhouette of the bruising to go.
Thank you for your replies, i know it is quite commonly used during pregnancy. I think when i read the leaflet its just put the heeby jeebies up me. My biggest concern is the possible anomalies for the baby. I know there is a risk taking anything at anytime. Has anyone experienced congenital, cerebral problems once the baby has been born
I injected clexane during both of my pregnancies from the moment they were deemed 'viable' (a heartbeat was found), until 6 weeks postpartum. I have a genetic condition called Leiden Factor V which means I'm predisposed to blood clots.

I did have several miscarriages that were likely due to my condition not the clexane. My two successful pregnancies were completely fine, no abnormalities or lasting effects of the medication. I was induced with both however, as they need take me off the medication for my labour and then go back onto it, so they need to be able to control when I give birth. But other than this, everything was fine, normal deliveries with no further assistance than broken waters. I went home after 24 hours with my second, and 48 hours with my first.

It's really common and life saving for both mums and bubs during pregnancy so don't stess.


i just Started Clexane last week, just wanting to know how everyone else got on with taking it?

Thanks smile
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