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Hi, can someone help me here. So I have had a great NT scan result at 13 weeks. The measurements were 1.3mm which is perfect apparently. But now they are wanting me to get some blood work done. I already know my Blood Group, is this really necessary after having a good scan result? Hope someone can help here, Thanks
This sounds normal to me. I think they do bloods as well and then come up with another score based on bloods and scan smile

Yes what little egg said is correct. They combine the results from the scan and the bloods to get a score.

100% normal.
They use the levels of certain chemicals in your blood to determine fetal abnormality risk and pair it with the NT scan to get a more accurate score. Even if your NT is perfect they still like to do it smile
Yep, its normal. I actually was told to have my blood test done before the NT scan, then with combined results they could give a more accurate answer.
I had my blood test the week before the scan so they had the results when I had the scan. As soon as the scan was over I went into another room to see the Dr who had combined the blood and scan results to come up with the risk ratio. Was great having the results straight away.

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