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15 week Gender scan Lock Rss


I am 15 weeks 3 days and I had a gender scan today, the sonographer said definitely boy, but no parts stood out to me, Im trying to upload the photo (this is all new to me) if any of you could say whether you think baby is actually a boy?

Thank you smile
Ok great, thank you. the pics are :


If anyone on here can confirm if they think its a boy, that would be great smile
Hi, I can't really make out what is what in the 3D pic, i can see feet and legs but can't make out the rest.

Your other pic does look a little like my sons 20 week scan.

Can I ask what the urgency is for? You will be able to get them to check again at the 20 week scan if you are not convinced.

I just had my NT scan at 13+3 and not really thinking they could tell the sex at this stage I asked and she said she would put money on it being a girl. So will ask again at 20 weeks and see if she is right smile

Ok thanks smile
At my 20 week scan my husband will be there, I want to keep it a surprise for him, we have 2 girls and I know he would like a boy, I wasn't going to find out the sex but I just couldn't help myself!! I might have to go to the 20 week scan alone lol
It's really easy to get it wrong that early on. We were told the sex organs often arent finished developing so they can take a guess but definitely isn't definite. Our sonographer guessed right at 16 weeks but let's be honest, it's a 50/50 guess lol and he made it really clear he could only guess. Friends of ours were told girl twice at US and later US boy! They had a boy in end but definitely can't rely heavily on those earlier ones it seems.
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