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Baby Gender! Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

I am going to have my 19w scan on Friday and we are hoping to find out the gender of our baby! I already have a 17mo daughter and obviously will be happy with either gender! I've noticed there's been so many girls born lately as well as gender scans proving to be hugely female dominated! Wondering if we are on a girl run?!

Anyway, no questions here, just sharing our exciting news and would love to hear your guesses! Will update you all on Friday! smile

Good luck, wishing you a healthy baby whatever the sex. My guess is girl smile I have two girls 21 months age difference and its pretty awesome.
There seemed to be a massive girl run when dd was born, now there seems to be lots of boys. So my guess is boy. I hope you want a girl because I'm always wrong haha.
Hope the time flies until Friday for your scan - exciting.

I had my girl in March and the other mums in my antenatal group had 7 boys and 2 more girls so total 7 boys and 3 girls smile

Raspberry Sundae wrote:
How did your scan go?

Are you welcoming pink or blue laugh

The scan's on Friday RS smile

Good luck with the scan and hope all is healthy smile
We didn't find out the gender on the 21 weeks scan, I was a little disappointed. My husband really wants a boy as we have a girl she is 20 month now. But i am happy with either. Two of my other friends due this month are having girls.
It's another girl!!! thanks everyone for your well wishes!!


Congratulations! !!! It definitely does seem like a girl run where I live. . seems like theres 5 girls to 1 boy born at the moment!

At least with 2 girls you can dress DD2 with the same beautiful little new born outfits instead having to buy all new clothes smile
I'm having a girl too! i have been using the app to choose the gender of my baby though! its working so far, the scans are going towards what i'v been aiming for.. i totally recommend this app
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