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Haemorrhoids.... awkward. Rss


I am 33weeks pregnant with my second. didnt have haemorrhoids with my first so this is all new to me. Have had them for 2months or so at least I think, they havent been bothering me- but in last 2days I feel really 'raw' & just uncomfy there + have also bled a bit (sorry for the info!!!) I spoke to my specialist a few weeks ago & they werent fazed about them as I didnt mind at the time. I was really constipated (mainly at the start of pregnancy) so not suprised as ive also been told i am having a big baby so i guess alot of pressure/weight etc. What should I do or just ride it out? Ive heard u can 'push' them back in? Is this true? I dont mind if theyre not bothering me- but dont really want to feel like this for 7more weeks. Thanks so much in advance! xx
Hi, I am 38 weeks and had terrible haemorrhoids, so feeling your pain!! - I started out with just external ones which didn't really bother me, but in the last week have had a couple of internal ones too - which are painful!!! You can push those back in - which does feel better, but I found as soon as I went to the toilet or bent over they just popped out again sad I haven't been constipated, so they have just appeared because of the pressure. I have spoken to my obstetrician and midwife and basically just have to ride it out.....I find they are better after a warm bath. I have tried most things - honey, apple cider vinegar, medications from the chemist, ice, baths etc, nothing has made them go away, but have eased slightly.
Hope that has been of some help as they are not very nice!! Goodluck x
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