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When did you pack your hospital bag? Rss

I am 33weeks pregnant with number 2 & want to start packing both my sons (for Grandparents stay) mine & babies hospital bag but feel like im jumping the gun a bit?? My son was born 35.5weeks & even though it doesnt look like ill be early again (def not by a month anyway) I feel like i need to be organised...... the only reason is im doubting myself is that my friend is 37weeks & hasnt even worried about it yet so i feel like im being over the top! I have gone & got all of the NB/000 nuetrel clothes etc we have already out (dont know what we are having) but havent washed anything yet. Thanks! xx
Pack when ever you feel ready. I packed the morning that I went in for my planned C-section with my DD and my DH packed my bag when I went into labour with the twins. As long as you have everything ready it really does not matter. Some things you won't be able to pack till you are walking out the door anyway.

Do what you feel is right for you.

Thanks! Im probably over- thinking it. Just hated going into labour & rushing around having to take clothes with the tags still attached when I had my son. I think I will just potter away at it for peace of mind smile xx
I agree- whenever you want. I think packing the bags can be part of the nesting so do what you want.

I think I started packing quite early for my first baby- my second baby I was madly packing while having contractions.

For my third I got the suitcase out at about 35 weeks and started putting in my new bras and pjs as I bought them, etc but didn't finish packing until the morning of the c section as we were leaving.

With each of them I started writing lists of what to pack very early on though. I had lists everywhere just in case my dh had to pack the bag for me.
Love the idea of writing a list incase someone else has to do it for you! Thanks x
Mamalovexoxoxox wrote:
Love the idea of writing a list incase someone else has to do it for you! Thanks x

No worries smile
I would have been about 35 weeks or so, hospital was 150km away, so actually took my bags for my last few weeks checkups, which worked out good as at 39 weeks, I was put into hospital for bed rest & monitoring. Do it whenever you have time. You obviously have another child now, so it may be easier to do it earlier than later, especially if your other child can take up a lot of time at times.
We packed our bags last week, at 34 weeks. Still have to pop a couple of my own things in (which I wear through the week), so I've made a list of things for hubby to collect when the time nears!

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