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Gestational Diabetes and birth Lock Rss

Hi, I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, but at the moment I am able to control my glucose levels with diet. I am 33 weeks pregnant and I have just had a growth scan, where the ultrasonographer told me that my baby was measuring 3 weeks bigger than she should. I do have a follow up doctors appointment in 8 days.
What I would like to know, is other mums experiences - where you induced early, or did you end up having a caesarean, or did it all end up being natural and ok? Thanks smile
I had GB with our second child and I controlled it with diet. My waters spontaneously broke at 38 weeks and DS was born 4 hours later.

I had gd with my second baby and went into natural labour pretty well right on due date smile

I've had gd with all three pregnancies. DD1 I was diagnosed at 32 weeks and controlled it with diet. My levels were good, and her growth measurements were good at all the scans (had them once a month) so the hospital was willing to let me go 10 days over before inducing. I went into labour naturally on my edd and had her after 6hrs of labour. DS I was diagnosed at 12 weeks (tested early because of the previous GD) and was diet controlled for the whole pregnancy. Again my levels were good and the monthly growth scans in the 3rd trimester were showing 'average' growth so they were willing to wait until my due date to induce. He had other ideas and I went into labour naturally at 38 weeks 5 days, delivering him 3.5hrs later. DD2 I was diagnosed in the same lot of tests they did to confirm the pregnancy at 5.5 weeks pregnant - I was due for my yearly test to check for type 2 diabetes, so they're not 100% if it was technically GD or type 2 diabetes, they called it GD though because I was pregnant when diagnosed. I was diet controlled until about 30 weeks when I needed to start insulin to keep my fasting levels low enough, partly because I changed drs and the new dr had a lower acceptible level for fasting though. They were talking about inducing me early (around 37 weeks) but, given my previous history of level management, only needing minimal insulin to maintain an ok fasting level and continued good results on the growth scans they were doing every month my dr agreed to wait until 38 weeks 5 days to induce, with the understanding that if she felt that medically it was no longer wise to wait I would listen to her. I went into spontaneous labour at 38 weeks and DD2 was delivered naturally after only 2hrs 15 min of labour according to the hospital (I'd been aware of very slight contractions for another 15hrs but the hospital counted from when the contractions became painful).

Weight wise etc at birth my three were 8lbs (3.66kg) and 52cm long, 6lbs 11oz (3.03kg) and 50cm long and 7lbs 3.5oz (3.33kg) and 49cm long.

I had GD with both of my pregnancies. My first was diagnosed at about 28 weeks, then I had to test earlier with my second and had the positive test at 19 weeks. I controlled my blood sugars with diet both times. I went into spontaneous labour 39 weeks with my first and he was born naturally 6 pound 12oz. Then bub number two was induced at 40 weeks and born naturally at 7 pound 10oz. Both labours went well, they do monitor you more closely, as I had to have the monitor around my tummy the entire time to monitor bubs heart rate and my contractions, so this did hinder my ability to get in the shower to help with the pain, however I had great midwives both times and they still allowed me to get off the bed and into any position that I felt most comfortable as long as the monitor was able to pick up the readings it needed to.

I was nervous when I was diagnosed first time round, but after meeting with a dietician and finding out all the info I felt better...on a positive note it made sure that I really watched what I ate, making healthier choices for bub and I. They check bubs sugar levels closely for the first couple of days to ensure they don't drop too low. I would recommend speaking to a lactation consultant about antenatal colostrum expressing, I did this from 37 weeks and was really glad that I did. I had difficulty feeding bub number one and it meant that I had colostrum already stored to feed him in that first 24 hours to help get his sugars back up after he was born.

I now have two happy healthy little boys...running around driving me crazy! smile

Good Luck...All the best! smile
Thank you so much for everyone's response! They have been very helpful. smile
I had GD diagnosed with DD at 28w. I was unable to control with diet & exercise so started insulin at 32w. I was induced at 38w+4d but it failed so ended up having a c section. I am having my glucose test tomorrow (12w+4d). Dr told me GD women need to be induced roughly around 38 weeks as the placenta starts to die because of the diabetes.

My DD weighed a dainty 6lb 11oz (3.03kg) and is a happy healthy 16mo girl.

Good luck!

I have type 1 diabetes, so was on insulin throughout my pregnancy. My son also has Spina Bifida, so we kept a really close on eye on things from when he was diagnosed at twenty weeks. The pregnancy went really well, and he was born naturally at 38+5, weighing 9 lbs 1 (4.1 Kilos) and 55cm long. He was in the 95 percentile for weight for his "official" gestational age, but I think he was actually about one week older than his dating scan estimate. Even in the 95th percentile, he didn't look like a monster so don't worry about that!
Don't stress- Any type of diabetes in pregnancy is scary, but it's completely doable, and you know the end is coming.
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