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Severe round ligament pain?? Rss

The last week I've been having pains around by bump, mostly lower down. At times it comes so bad that I can't walk and need to sit down 15 minutes or more until it goes. Other times it is just a dull ache in my abdomen, I know hen if I don't rest, it will get worst so that I cannot walk. A heat pack helps a little with the ache.
I'm 24 weeks and its affecting my work, I am on my feet for around 7 hours, don't really have an option to sit most of the time. But it has also struck a couple of times at home.
My GP told me it is round ligament pain, the pregnancy assessment unit I called at the hospital were useless. So I just have to assume my GP is correct.
Wondering if anyone else has had ligament pain this bad so you cannot walk, how many weeks did it last and was their anything that helped relieve it besides rest??
Sorry, no help. Just bumping for you. Sounds horrible sad

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