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23 weeks...round ligament pain? Rss

Im currently 23 weeks pregnant. Today I had a really busy shift, in 7 1/2 hrs I sat down for about 1/2 hr, the rest of the time was spent running around on my feet. Towards the end of my shift, and still now 9 hrs later, I have a kind of dull pain over my baby bump , mostly on the sides, it doesn't come and go, just there constantly :/ it doesn't feel like its deep inside, more just below the skin, feels like stretching and very tight.
Is this round ligament pain? I thought round ligament pain came for a few seconds then went again?
Ouch! Hope someone out there knows what I'm talking about...
im only 15+ weeks preg, my shifts involve alot of racing around, so i know what you mean when u have pain, i use a wheatbag and sit down as soon as i get home and put het on where necessary. I have worked 4 hours today and am quite sore, so at the moment putting heat on and relaxing till i go back tonight for a few more hours hopefully its nothing more serious for you.

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