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Severe Back Pain- Suggestions welcomed Rss

Hi All,

i am only 24 weeks pregnant with DD 2, and am suffering severe lower back/pelvic and middle/upper back pain (bra strap area and rib cage) to the point where i can not sit, stand or lay in the same position for more than about half hour.
Have been seeing a chiropractor which was helping but now only seems to help for a few hours.
My midwife suggested to try other therapies such as Bowen, acupuncture etc. But would like to hear what worked for other mums out there.
p.s. our first daughter is just over 2 and still loves to be held and carried, but am avoiding this as much as possible and opting for couch cuddles etc.
Hi Amyndaniel!

I haven't tried Bowen but I did try just normal pregnancy massage and it helped me a lot. (I have a lot of muscle/back issues) but after baby is out I am definitely going to go get some Bowen therapy. I've read all about it in great detail and the massage therapist here told me all about it, what it is etc, and oh yes I am wanting to try it out very muchly so! According to other pregnant ladies it works wonders, so I would recommend it.. just so long as you see a highly qualified therapist.
I'm curious the responses you get, I'm 22 weeks and last few days have been getting pain on my right side half way up my rib cage that goes from my side around my back and up to my shoulder sad so painful sometimes I need to randomly lie down sad is chiropractor safe in pregnancy?
Hi NurseR,
Yes chiro is safe in pregnancy as long as you see a therapist who is specifically trained to treat pregnant women which is the same for all doctors or therapist really. Give it a try
When i had back pains in my second pregnancy the midwife ask if i did my stomach muscle strengthening exercises after I had baby number 1. (I was not informed about this just the pelvic floor exercises). If your stomach muscles are weak it can lead to lots of back issues and was recommended a pregnancy belt to reduce issue and a consult with a physcio but they could only give minor relief until after pregnancy.

The pregnancy belt works to help the stomach muscles support your growing bump taking the strain off your back muscles
LIzzie, what sort of pregnancy belt did you try i am so confused by how many are out on the market and don't want to waste my money on the wrong type.
Whenever I get back pain. I either have a hot shower or bath. Works wonders to relax the muscles and take away the pain
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