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Prominent stomach and kidneys - has anyone had this at their anatomy scan?? Rss

So worried, wondering if anyone's had a similar experience during their pregnancy and what the outcome was?
At 19 works I had an anatomy scan and the tech told us baby had 'prominent' kidneys and we may be called back for a 30 week scan.
Well that was last week, today I had a call from my midwife wanting me to have another ultrasound this week as the kidneys AND stomach are prominent. So worried as I don't know anyone whose had this happen to them before or what it means for bubs.
My DS had prominent kidneys at his 20 week ultrasound. Do you know what the measurements were? My DS had one kidney which was 0.5mm higher than what they call "normal" and the other was 1mm above normal. The sonographer wasn't overly worried, that they worry when the kidneys are more than 5mm over normal range, but that I would have to go back at 28 weeks for another scan. Nothing had changed at 28 weeks, so they said once bub is born he would have to have an ultrasound at 6 weeks to see if the kidneys had gone back to normal size. He went back at 6 weeks and everything was perfect. Apparently the hormones in pregnancy can sometimes dilate the kidneys a little. When I was googling, everything I could find out on it didn't seem that terrible. Like the absolute worst case scenario was if the kidneys didn't resolve their size then the bub may need a small op to fix them. Did you find out the gender? It sounds like the sonographer wasn't overly concerned as he said you might need to come back. Not sure what the prominent stomach means sorry. Hope everything works out for you!!

Thanks for your reply Moonsie. We are having a girl, I think the dilated kidneys are more common in boys from what I read. From what my husband and I could understand the kidneys were 4mm at 18 wk 5 days scan. Dunno if we heard wrong because from what I've read, above 4mm is normal....
Glad to hear everything turned out fine with yr son!
* sorry I meant we've read, over 4mm is enlarged.
Yep that's right. So sounds like your daughter is just on the cusp. It is more common in boys (80% compared to 20% of girls) that's why I asked. They are very similar results to ours, one kidney was 4.3mm and the other with 4.8mm or something like that. The sonographer said they don't tend to get concerned til the numbers are over 9-10mm. He said he had seen kidneys measuring 18mm before. He said in his opinion he wouldn't even refer anyone for a second scan with our numbers, but of course he has to follow medical guidelines etc. So if I was you I would be quite positive that everything. Will resolve itself by either the 28 week scan or at birth. smile

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