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I am just over 31 weeks with a baby girl. I have had really bad morning sickness since I found out at 5 weeks pregnant. It's to the point now that I'm so depressed and cry most days. I have tried everything to combat the morning sickness, ginger, tablets, ice, crackers, can anyone recommend anything else. I love my baby but I am struggling sad don't know why they call it morning sickness because its all day and worse at night
Have you talked to your doc about it? They can give you some tablets to take that help with the sickness.

I have been taking morning sickness tablets the last couple of months recommended but the doctor and the last couple of weeks they are not working. I just have constant sickness
Really feel for you! I also had shocking sickness from 5 weeks up until about 2 weeks ago...there was not even one minute of the day where I could say I felt good. (I'm now 26 weeks) Night times were the worst for me too. Not fun running after a nearly 2 and a 3 year old! The only positive for me was that I am a really bad vomiter so I would dry heave constantly, so at least I wasn't having to worry about dehydration or nutrient depletion.

There are a few different medication options, which have you been using? Maybe the doctor can prescribe a different one that may work better?? (theres the Maxolon tablets and Zofran wafers which are the two most popular) The motion sickness bands help some people not sure if you have tried them. Otherwise just make sure you keep well hydrated, get plenty of rest and eat small amounts frequently.

Fingers crossed you feel better least the end is in sight and you might only have 9 more weeks to deal with it!
Thank you I might try some different sickness tablets when I see the doctor on Tuesday. smile
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