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Hi everyone,
I'm a little frustrated. I'm 14w 4d and still haven't had an appointment with the midwife. I have had 4 appointments cancelled- I understand that babies are born when they want to and don't care about schedules. But I'm getting annoyed. I have had the NT scan and that's it. I'm glade I know how to understand the results and this is my second child or I think I would be freaking out. I just want an appointment where they measure and check the heartbeat and tell me everything is ok. Plus I want my referral for my next ultrasound.
Is my frustrated justified or am I just hormonal?
I didn't have my booking in appointment with the midwife until almost 20 weeks, until that time I just saw my GP and got the referrals for my scan from him, also they didn't start listening for a heart beat until 16 weeks.
I'm 14+5w and I don't have my first midwife appt til the 8th oct, and I booked in over 2w ago now, that's the first appt they could fit me in.
If they keep cancelling I would maybe ring them and see what the earliest they can see you, or ask to be called if there is a cancellation from another patient??
If you have a gp you can go to them to get a referral for your 18-20w scan. With my previous pregnancies I've always gotten my referrals from my gp, but I do gp shared care!
There really isn't a huge need to go to antenatal appointments at this stage. Sure it's nice to hear bub on the Doppler but there isn't much else that is needed so early in the pregnancy. If you are wanting to know your nuchal results can you book into the GP? I imagine if there was a problem you would have heard by now.

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