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Not the best start... Rss

it depends on just how irregular your periods are. I had really long/irregular cycles pre-kids and was surprised to find out I was pregnant with my first (had been told I was probably unable to have kids naturally ... now I have 3 lol). my dr completely ignored the fact that my cycle wasn't consistent and just dated me from my last period and told me I was 10 weeks 2 days pregnant, even though I said I didn't think I was that far along. I wasn't sent for any scans until the 19 week scan and when I went they said I was only 14 weeks 5 days and to come back in a month. Knowing what I know now I'm glad I didn't go any earlier because at least I could see a heartbeat etc and have the reassurance that bub was ok even with the big change to due dates/bub's age.

Until your follow up blood results come in/you have another scan, I'd say to just treat it like you were about 4 weeks when you got your positive and go from there for expectations until you have a more accurate result from blood tests/scans.

All the best and I hope you're just earlier than your gp thought.

5 weeks is too early to see a heart beat and they are measuring you blood levels just to confirm the pregnancy is travelling well. If you are not having any heavy bleeding etc to indicate loosing the baby I wouldn't worry- I have had bleeding in 2/4 pregnancies and carried successfully- so try not to worry too much.
A dating scan is normal, but when you see your Dr again explain how worried you have been so he/she gets the idea to be more supportive to you.
Also remember that midwives are excellent but they are not Drs so sometimes it's best to leave the diagnosis to the Drs.
Congratulations that's great news!

Good to hear!

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