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Can you still wear normal bras? Lock Rss

I am just wondering if you are suppose to wear maternity bra's during pregnancy and after bub is born, even if you will not be breastfeeding?

i have found the most comfortable bra's i have ever owned and they are just normal ones, not maternity bra's. I have always had large boobs so it has always been hard to find decent ones. tongue
i was wondering more for when your NOT breastfeeding smile

these ones do have underwire, but it doesn't even feel like i am wearing one/not tight.
I got a lot of pain on the sides of my boobs early on in this pregnancy because I was just wearing my regular under wire bras. Once I changed to soft maternity bras the pain went away. So yeah, regardless of breast feeding I think maternity bras might be best during pregnancy at least.

There are some nice, not too expensive maternity bras out there that give a nice shape, don't block any forming milk ducts and are, in the words of my partner, "easy access" (for him at the moment!!!). My understanding is that if you don't wear bras when your breasts are quite large when pregnant, then your breast tissue will stretch, and never really "bounce back" to pre-pregnancy condition... which does not bother a lot of women around the world at all!
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