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Is this normal? Lock Rss

Hi ladies. I found out that I'm pregnant 3 days ago at 10 dpo and today Ive been getting period like cramps. Has anyone else experienced this at an early stage? I just feel like af will arive any minute and am constantly checking..Im a little worried.

Thank you for replying you have made me feel less worried smile

I've had period like cramping from day one of this pregnancy and am still getting them now at 37 weeks (along with lots of Braxton Hicks). All along my Ob just kept telling me it was totally normals. Congrats.

I found out last week and am now 5 w 5 days - has anyone had this feeling and then had it go away? i still feel nauseaus and have tender breats but am wondering if thats normal or not?
I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like this! smile

Melanie sorry I can't be much help as I'm only 4weeks myself but I'm sure if you are experiencing other symptoms then no need to worry smile

I am having those feelings and pains too. I'm 4weeks and 4 days.

Fingers crossed xx
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