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  5. i had my precious baby boy wednesday!!!!

i had my precious baby boy wednesday!!!! Lock Rss

i had my baby boy cruz wednesday night 6.31pm. weighing 3705 grams which was nice since the estimated him being much bigger via ultrasound,
tuesday mid day i was getting grocceries my nan was at home with my other 2 children jake 7 and cindy 5.. at the shops i got bad backache it was like a bad period ache in the back and i felt generanlly weaker then usual.. got home n had brackton hicks between 3 -8 an hour.. not painful but a VERY strong tighten feeling..
by 7pm i was sure they were turning slightly more intense and regular so i very much thought it was the start..
at 10pm it was painful and 5-7 minutes apart... i rung hospital and they said it was fine to take panadine forte to try get some sleep.. my midnight i wasnt asleep i was too excited.. but the pandine died off my contractions to about 18-30 minutes apart so i slept 12-2 when i woke to them being painful again.. i sat up timing them while hubby slept and by 4am they were rolling out every 4-5 minutes so we went to the hospital as my daughters labour was under 2 hours and didnt want to get stuck lol.. got to hospital and i was only 1cm!!! i was in agony and gutted! the doctor their said i had to stay as i had high blood pressure and a previous fast labour.. by midday i was depressed tired... they were flucuating between 4 mins apart and 9 minutes a part some strong some weak.. by 3 i wanted them to be aware i soon wanted an epidural if not now.. they checked me and said i was only 2cm.. i was seriously depressed hearing that and didnt beleive her at all...
by 4 i was moaning and starting to uncontrollably scream... they were 1 minute on 1 minute off.. i asked for the epidural NOW PLEASE. they checked me and said I'm only 3cm.. i got mad with her cos i new she was totally lying.
by 4.30 i demanded the epidural regardeless of my dilatation. they ignored me.
they asked me to walk 20 metres to the birthing suit i said no way i want a wheel chair.. they then wheeled me up.. i sucked the gas and sucked it hard...
i said why havent my waters broken, they checked me and said I'm 9cm,, it will break soon.. i then pushed really hard and my waters exploded all over the midwife and it had maconium in it babys poo.. so i panicked..kept pushing and me came over about 15 minutes later gorgous and perfect.
Congratulations, welcome baby Cruz
Congrats smile

Congratulations. Wow what an effort to have bub, but its worth it in the end. xx

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