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when should I tell my boss Rss

I start a new job next week and I have just found out i'm 5 and a half weeks pregnant with my first child! . Hopefully I will be able to cope with morning sickness as I don't want to have to tell the new boss until i'm 12 weeks. however he also told me that they just hired another girl who told them she was pregnant about 2 weeks after she started. I'm worried about what they will say as I had to go through alot of interviews and testing to get the role and I will feel like I have let them down. What would you do or how would you feel? thank you
I dont think you should have to worry, yes you may feel bad but its a fabulous time for you! The only thing you may have a problem with, is they may lay you off after your probation if you tell them straight away. So I would wait till the end of that.

Hi there,

I had exactly the same issue and worried myself sick about it, I was in my job 1 whole week when I got the shock of my like and found out I was pregnant. I got all sorts of advice "don't tell them till after probation", "tell them straight away" etc etc. I did some research and found out they can not fire you at all for being pregnant even during probation (the "unfair dismissal" laws are waived, such as "not a good personality fit" but not the "unlawful dismissal" laws which cover race, gender etc) the burden of proof is also on them to prove that a dismissal had nothing to do with your pregnancy, so even if they use another excuse, they have to show evidence of it.

Having said that, they do not need to hold your position while you are on maternity leave, but since it costs so much to recruit (and it sounds like a legnthy involved process), it may be in their best interests if they do.

For what it is worth, I told them but only once I was past the 12 week mark, which was 2 weeks before my probation was up, they were fine with it and when I tried to reassure them I would not take too long off etc they just laughed and said "play it by ear, you never know how things turn out", as they all have young families of their own.

Hope that helps!!

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thank you for your replies smile
I work at a Dr's Surgery so they had found out straight away. Plus I fell pregnant after my partner had a vasectomy and I only have one tube. I left the pregnancy test on the Dr's desk in a sealed lunch bag with a note saying please explaine......
Gosh I could potentially be facing the same delimma.. I'm yet to do a pregnancy test but will wait as my period is only 5 days late, unusual as it is.. however I'm soon to find out if I have been successful in a job too, they really want me, but the current person has now decided she wants to come back after maternity leave..ARGH! so have a couple more days to wait now..

So not only am I stressed about that, but also for the fact I could be pregant with bubs #2..I am quietly freaking out! So I feel your anxiety on this! I also think it comes down to your new bosses personality.. if they are very professional, wait till 12 weeks.. but if they are a relaxed bunch I would consider telling them early especially if you're stressing out about it, as you don't want to put your body through any unnecessary stress. Good luck!
In fact I couldn't wait any longer and took 2 tests.. both came out positive!!! All I need is that job offer to come through and then I will be in your shoes lol!
I told my then potential employer that I was pregnant after the interview, but before the offer. I had a fairly good feeling that they were going to offer it to me and I couldn't personally, in good conscience, not tell them..but I got a 'good' vibe from the person told..or I might have kept it quiet. They were good about it, still offered me the job; though they were 'cool' about that, they weren't too crash hot about terms for me to come back from maternity leave, so ended up resigning.

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