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Have you eaten 'high risk' foods during pregnancy? Lock Rss

Hi ladies! I would like to hear from you if you've eaten any high risk foods during your pregnancy and what are your views on the scare of listeria? Hope to hear from you soon smile thanks!
Not on purpose. Once maybe twice by accident.

I think listeria is serious. I wouldn't ever forgive myself if if I lost a baby because I couldn't stop eating soft cheese and cold meat for nine months.
To me its something so simple that prevents something so devastating.
Maybe the risk is one in a million maybe its one in ten but it's a risk easily avoided.

Wont catch me near cats, deep sea fish, smokers, alcohol etc either.

What I do hate to my very core is people who feel the need to lecture you on how its perfectly ok to eat. Or do this or that. Its my body and my baby and if I chose to be healthy then thats my freaking right!!

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

I did- smoked salmon and macdonalds thick shakes not at the same time.I was sick once with a tummy bug and was a bit concerned about listeria my ob wasn't he said its very rare and in all his time as an ob/gyn he had not ever had a patient test positive for it and when I had the tummy bug I had not eaten thing that was out of the ordinary and it was not food related just a gastro thing that was ging around at that time.Listeria however is very bad for those unfortunate to contract it and avoiding the high risk foods during pregnancy makes sense- thats my take on it

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi im 23 weeks and for most of the time i have eaten Ham not really thinking it was that bad, But my mum is a midwife so she told me i really should not eat it any more so i haven't. Ive been craving a mcFlurry for soooo long but i would rather just wait till my baby's here to be on the safe side smile

I love sushi and do have it sometimes, but not raw fish/ salmon!
I was eating sashimi up until 8 weeks when I found out I was pregnant. Then at 20weeks ate 1 bite of sushi rice (cold vinegared type) for dinner and ended up with excruciating tummy cramps through the night. Saw the doc and bub was given the all clear. That was the last time I tried being greedy. Better safe than sorry.
For my last pregnancy I ate pretty much whatever I wanted. The only thing I wouldn't compromise on would be the soft serve ice-cream or thick shakes I'd consider them to be high risk.and although I'm happy to eat cold meat it would only be if I'd prepared it, I wouldn't have a chicken sandwich I'd purchased from a deli for instance. Everything else I could make sure it was fresh, store and prepare it correctly so extremely minimal risk IMO. For my previous pregnancies I was like noddy, I figured it was only nine months it wasn't a big deal to miss out on some stuff for the good of my baby, I always just took the recommendations without question but by my 4th pregnancy I looked into it further and learnt some stuff about listeria and decided the risk was barely worth any lost sleep. The only things I avoid during pregnancy is coffee and alcohol smile
~Ruby~Gloom~ wrote:
but by my 4th pregnancy I looked into it further and learnt some stuff about listeria and decided the risk was barely worth any lost sleep. The only things I avoid during pregnancy is coffee and alcohol smile

Hi Ruby Gloom thats interesting that by your fourth pregnancy u seemed to have relaxed. I heard that a lot of mums are more relaxed when they have their second or third pregnancy. what did u learn about listeria? this is my first pregnancy and I am just stressed out about everything i eat...for example I took a few bites of a chicken yiros which was just warm and I was so stressed that I couldnt stop talking about it and lost sleep lol! The yiros was from a foodcourt in a big shopping mall and they had heaps of customers lined up also! However I do remember a few months ago I ate a vietnamese pork roll and it was just warm also but it tasted soo good that I couldnt stop eating it and it was what I was craving at that time! I wish I could stop stressing out about high risk foods sad
melmul wrote:
I was so sick of people (family especially) offering a glass of wine everytime I saw them, then making an issue of it when I declined.

that sounds unreasonable to make an issue over..ur pregnant for goodness sakes!many research shows that alcohol is not good at all during pregnancy! I think some people forget when someone is pregnant or just don't know how to cater and support a pregnant lady. I got offered alcohol a few times by a family member and i had to keep reminding them! That was when I wasnt showing And now that I am showing I feel like family are more supportive and nurturing. Its weird..!
The only thing I have avoided all together is sushi, soft cheese and I gave up smoking. I still have an occasional glass of beer on special occasions (only ever 1 though).
I was a big drinker before - around 2-3 beers a night or 2 glasses of wine so was very hard to give up drinking completely. I haven't touched wine though, only light beer and not very often.
I have had ham as I find it's the only meat I can stomach at the moment!

i avoided most hight risk food i loved toasted ham and cheese sandwiches all the time it was cheese i was alowed to eat and i might aswell say the meat was cooked thats it really but this was with my 1st pregnancy and i couldnt eat meant any way apart from ham and bacon i always made sure i cooked it tho. this time around with my second pregnancy I am only 8 weeks in a few days and cant eat anything apart from cheese and crackers so all safe stuff but i cant drink water sad

I ate sushi not the raw type though just tuna,had a v once a week.Really wanted scollops and mussels was a pain having to stay away from them.Midwife gave me a list of food your not meant to have there was so much stuff on it wasn't meant to have deli anything i still did was just more careful oh and I drank coffee at wasn't on the list of things not to have...weird didn't drink to much maybe 2-3 cups per day.

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