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Too small?? concerned Lock Rss

I'm worried that my baby isn't growing. I mentioned this to me doc last visit but he wasn't concerned becasue my uterus measurement was still normal. I know that bump size isn't a great indicator but i'm gonna upload two photos. One (wearing a green shirt) is from when I was about 24 weeks and the second one (purple dress) is from 28 weeks. To me I don't see much change in size.
I've also had pretty slow weight gain too.
Let me know what you think?

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

Noddy are you just fishing for compliments wink

Just joking... I think you look great smile
You might be carrying on you back, or have a posterior placenta which can make your bump look smaller.

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Miss Willow

Keeping fit and healthy in pregnancy!!

great piccies - l love bumps.
i dont think that you should worry. I dont see any real size difference per sey - you do look a little bigger, not a lot - but the actual shape of the bump is different. As long as bubs is growing you'll be right & they will be sure to take a closer look if they think something is up.
Axiom wrote:
Cute bump smile cluck cluck cluck
Babies turn so bump sizes aren't the best indicators. If your measurements are OK I wouldn't be stressing about it. And it actually looks like you've lost weight. Are you eating enough?
And no, Noddy's not fat ffs! smile

I dont eat anymore than I did before pregnancy but I have included carbs back into my diet as I found I just didn't have enough energy.

Obviously if I do feel hungry I eat. And I got cravings for meat pies a few weeks back so ate them. Lol.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

I have nothing constructive to say...
BUT I do love your bump smile
And no im not after compliments. Im really not feeling very confident in my pregnancy lately.
Sometimes I even feel scared. I never felt like this with dd. I was very positive with her, I felt connected and confident. Even with the problems I had.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

Being scared is normal, no pregnancy is the same regardless if this is your second pregnancy. If you are really worried monitor your weight on the scales and measure your belly with a tape measure. I found I had a tiny belly for ages, but by 30 weeks I couldn't see my toes let alone shave my legs wink

Throughout my ultrasounds I was told baby was safe but small, born 7.2pounds which is pretty average and is still below weight as the years go on, but bub is healthy and happy now.

It's a lot easier said than done, but try to remain calm and enjoy the pregnancy I am sure baby is safe with a beautiful nurturing mother like you.
With my first I was tiny, close to the end of the pregnancy people didn't believe I was as far on as I said, (had a 8pound 2.5oz baby). With my second I got really large (had an 8pd, 12.5oz baby). Didn't have scales either time so never weighed myself (a good thing actually).

This time I am small again and 40 weeks tomorrow, have scales so obsess a little as have gained around 8kg on pre-pregnancy weight, though did lose 6kg in the first half due to 2 stomach bugs. At around 30 weeks, I saw a different midwife as mine was on holiday and she thought I was measuring behind and looked small, that combined with low weight gain, she sent me for a scan, bubs was measuring on the 64th percentile (so just fine), even the lady doing the scan was surprised as she thought I would have been measuring small.

So really bump size is not a good indicator, however, if you are feeling off about this one I would push for a scan, I know of a mother who was due the same time as me and felt throughout something wasn't right, she pushed for a scan and bubs wasn't growing well, so they ended up deciding the best course of action was to bring him out at 32 weeks, to give him the best chance (he's her third). Not trying to alarm you, but sometimes a hunch can be on the money.

Anyway all the best with the rest of your pregnancy and try not to stress as that wont help anything.

I can see a difference smile Not only in size but in shape too.

As the other ladies have said I don't think you should be worried, the change may be small at this stage but your belly has changed in ways that I would expect to see, it is more rounded now and looking very maternal like where the first pic is a cute little bump.... if that makes sense.
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Nothing helpful to say but if baby is all fine then I say "Lucky you". I am 36 weeks and feel like a whale!!! I usually weigh in the mid 50's but am pretty sure I a pushing 70kg now...... too scared to get on the scales.
All for a good cause I guess.

I think you look great!
they are both such beautiful pics Noddy!

I agree with the others. I also agree its totally normal to lose confidence. I couldn't fathom how we could be so lucky for pregnancy number 2 to be perfect. How on earth can it be perfect twice? I kept waiting for something to be wrong... But lo and behold, we got there and there were no dramas. Massive hugs and you look spot on!
You look fantastic Noddy!

I found with my 2nd and 3rd babies I started showing earlier than with my first, and seemed a lot bigger up until about the 24wk mark, then it didn't seem like my size changed much - until I got to about 28wks and my belly started growing heaps again. Maybe this is what is happening to you.
If your measurements are fine, I would try not to worry.
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