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HELP PLEASE.. 8weeks but scan said 4-5 weeks :( Lock Rss

Hi, we have had a roller coaster ride from the start but i need to ask if anyone has any advice on this..
We went for a scan today and i should have been 8weeks today, scan only showed sac no bubba, no heartbeat, and they said its only measuring at 4-5 weeks sad.. My last period was the 10th May.. We are really worried, this is a much wanted wee bubba.. Has anyone had this happen to them???

Hi im so sorry that you are going through this. Inbetween my 3rd and 4th son i suffered a blighted ovum, I was 100% sure on my dates i should have been at the 7 week mark but measured only 4 weeks with a sac and no HB. I had to go back for another scan after 2 weeks to make sure but they where right at the first scan, i had a d and c.
I hope this is not the case for you and your partner. Like Sweetflutterby said are you sure your dates are right? Good luck and hope everything goes ok.
This was a very much wanted bubba so we marked everything on the calender, yes im very sure that my last period was the 10th May..
Thank you for your kind words, we are hoping so much that our little one is still with us..
Are you ment to take it from the 1st day of your last period? Im sure thats what i was told

Dani + 1 wrote:
Were you particularly stressed or were you sick at all around the time of ovulation? Because you might have ovulated later than normal if so. When did you get your BFP?
Fingers are crossed for you xxx

ETA sorry just googled and its the first day.

We have had alot of stress yes my dad has been fighting cancer so its been ruff..
Umm whats a BFP? Sorry i m new to this lol

I had a similar experience with DS2... by dates I was 6 weeks, however the u/s showed nothing and doc said I was < 4 weeks (HGC agreed with doc). I was super confused as I'd had a BFP almost a week beforehand so couldn't work it out.

At 6 weeks I had another scan and everything was ticking along nicely, dates gelled with the docs estimates so I just gave up and went by their timing.

At my 12 week scan I was given another date somewhere between my LMP due date and the docs estimate.

At 20 weeks they agreed with the "middle ground" due date

Had lots of scans for various reasons, but started measuring a bit on the "larger" side

Induced on his due date, he was over 1kg bigger than DS1 and had the bright red 'peely' skin that overdue babies often have. In the back of my mind I get the feeling my original dates may have been more accurate, but I guess everybody bakes their babies at different rates and spot on 40 weeks isn't "normal" for most people.

Wow... that was a novel! I guess my point is... don't give up hope just yet, it's hard waiting, but you may find in a couple of weeks you'll be seeing a little hearbeat on the screen! ... good luck!

Generally speaking, yes they go from the first day of your period for dates BUT if your cycle is longer than a traditional 28 day cycle or you ovulate later than around about day 14 of the cycle LMP dates aren't always accurate. With my DD I was told I was 10 weeks when I found out I was pregnant based on LMP but when I went for my scan my edd was moved back by a whole month because I have a longer than normal cycle. Fortunately my first scan was at what the dr thought was 19 weeks but was actually only 14 weeks 5 days so I could see a heart beat etc. With DS I knew when I'd ovulated so fibbed to my dr and gave a date 2 weeks before ovulation as my lmp because I knew my dates based on my real LMP would be out by 2-3 weeks again.

Dani + 1 wrote:
Free_Spirit81 wrote:

We have had alot of stress yes my dad has been fighting cancer so its been ruff..
Umm whats a BFP? Sorry i m new to this lol
big fat positive smile

We got our BFP on the 12th June. Had to go back a week later cause my HCG level was only at 30 so they wanted to retest, came back at over 500 that week.

Sadly i was rused to hospital onn friday night and we lost our baby sad.. Am going though hell right now emotionaly and physicaly

That's terrible news, so sorry to hear sad

Thinking of you x

I'm sorry you had to go through this. Big hugs sad

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