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Umbilical cord concerns - 37 weeks Lock Rss

I just had my 37 week scan. The obstetrician said that my baby has one loop of the cord around his neck. He said this is common and is of no concern as there is excess cord, but this doesn't really eliminate my worry. Is this likely to cause trouble during labour? How common is this? Should I be worried?

I'm interested to find out if anyone else has had this concern.....

Many thanks in advance.
You might find this article by an Australian midwife very helpful: She explains that about 1/3 of babies are born with "nuchal cords", that it usually poses no problems in labour, and that the cord is designed to allow for compression and so unless it's a very tight loop the baby is in no danger if the cord gets squashed a bit during labour. She also urges for the cord *not* to be looped over the baby's head until it's born or cut early as those interventions in themselves can lead to problems for bub and/or mum.

My second son had the cord so tightly round his neck he couldn't come out, so the cord was clamped and cut before he came out. I am wanting to try a water birth this time (currently almost 36weeks) and questioned my midwife yesterday about the cord as thought if it happens again it may be a problem. Turns out DS2 was her only baby in 7 years that she has had to cut the cord for him to be able to come out.

Will also say, it was still a much better birth then with my first DS, I tore way less. His apgar was 9 and 10 and he was fine

Thank you so much for your posts. I am feeling much more at ease about this news....Glad to know it's common and doesn't pose too many problems.
Both my.children had the cord around the neck. With dd it was twice around her neck and too tight to be birthed through so they clamped & cut it when her head was out. My son had it around his neck once but it was loose enough to be able to hold it out the way while I pushed his body out.

Both were very blue babies but their apgars were fine. Dd took a little while to breathe which was quote scary but I don't think that had anything to do with the cord... I do wonder maybe if the delay in getting her out caused it while they cut it but that's purely speculation, I really have no idea!

A little off the topic but I was just wondering how/why you had a scan at 37 weeks? I am just about 36 weeks and starting to feel a bit anxious and would love to have one more scan to check if everything looks ok but I dont know if I am allowed to...??? Thanks, sorry to hijack your post smile
Hi Misskel79 - My obstetrician does a scan each time I see him. He was able to see that the cord was around baby's neck. We are going to a private ob. I know through the public system they don't scan past a certain amount of weeks. You can always request a scan.
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