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What date would you go by? Lock Rss

Doesn't make a lot of difference really,with my first my date was 3 June, scan was 27th May, we went by scan and he was born 26th May. With my second my date was 2nd Dec, scan 14th, I was adament all along he would be born on the 3rd and he was. This time my date is 14th July, scan is 19th, we are going by my date, guess we will see which is right in 8 weeks or so.

i got given the 26th of july at my first scan and then at my second scan i got given the 24th of july.. i go by the first scans due date. That's what all the midwives and doctors go by at the hospital i go to. smile
I was told by the midwives to go by the scan date.

When i was pregnant with little man i knew he would be due around the 28 june but the scan said 4th of july and that what the hospital went by. But he was born on the 29 june by c-section. I still think i was right.

If I go by LMP I'm due 1st December but I had my scan yesterday which put my EDD at 26th November! So bit of a gap there. I was pretty sure my dates were spot on but obviously not :/

I'll prob go by my scan. smile
1 day makes absolutely zero difference. Babies come when they are ready. If they needed a date to go by for induction for any reason that 1 day still makes zero difference. : )
I would go by the date from the scan as it's more accurate than going by your LMP. smile but as you say, it's just one day!

I have a difference of opinion with my MW who is convinced I'm 2 days ahead of what I am, going by her pregnancy wheel. I just stuck to the dating scan (even though every scan I have had since then has given me a day or two difference)

I asked my doctor about this the other day and she said not to worry unless the date is a whole (or more) a week out.

It's always the date your doctor tells you smile
Mine ranged from 15th to 23rd Oct - doc says 23rd, so I say ok smile Secrectly I'm guessing 19th smile

I think I'd go by the scan date! I think that's what they generally say to do. But come to think of it, I think I went by my LMP dates (and so did my DR). I think my dates said the 15th, 13 week scan said the 17th, 20 week scan said 16th. So all very close together. And DS came the 14th.
Ha, such a tricky business this due date thing... smile

My estimate is 10th August (just wrote october though, let's pray i am not 2 months overdue smile ) from ovulation dates, the scan says ovulation was 3 days earlier which means due the 7th August (40 weeks), but for some reason they're counting until the 15th August here (41 weeks). [which is also driving me batty - why 41 weeks?] So who knows... my family has a history of being late anyway... so I guess bubba will be here by the 15th... but I am going on the 7th, because I was so desperate to get to the 12 week mark, it made it so much closer smile

Enjoy your pregnancy

RIP Muffin. 25/06/95 - > 09/05/14

That's so confusing having dates all over the place! And a 41 week pregnancy - I had one but lets hope you don't!

How are you feeling? Your pregnancy is flying by now!

I am feeling good... Ironically, the other day I was thinking how slow this pregnancy has gone.. you know... you count until ovulation, month after month, then until you can test, then until 12 weeks... then until the next scan. At some point I relaxed a bit (maybe around 24-25 weeks) and stopped counting...and now only 11 weeks to go - how crazy. Maybe because we have so much on right now. But I am getting so excited right now... less than 3 months to go..

I read that you've decided to find out the sex. I almost caved the other day and asked. It's funny how it's the first thing that people ask you when they find out (one of the guys only noticed at work yesterday - and I am 6 months!). Good luck with your pregnancy, and let us know what you're having...

RIP Muffin. 25/06/95 - > 09/05/14

Yes we will scan is on Friday can't wait smile so far I have had 3 ppl tell me they think it's a boy and 1 thinks its a girl I am sort of hoping for a girl as I seem to have been given mostly girl clothes and sheets but as long as I end up with a healthy bub I don't mind. My midwife is going with the 16th which suits me fine just hope the scan on Friday doesn't change.

Is it just me or does time seem to fluctuate from dragging to speeding up at random times?! Can't quite believe I have made it this far and how far we've come.

Yay for your scan on Friday! How exciting! Can't wait to hear how it goes!
My repeat scan is tomorrow smile

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