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under active thyroid... Lock Rss

Hi ladies, I'm feeling a little concerned and am hoping someone could share some info or a similar experience on the subject. I had my 12 week bloods done 2 weeks ago and the doc threw in a thyroid test for fun and its come back underactive. At the time she said don't stress we'll test again in 4 weeks... well she's just called my work and sent me down for immediate retesting and wanted to put me on meds for it straight away, all while telling me not to worry. I'm a very tiny lady, with a pre pregnancy weight of 47kg so this is very unexpected!
Hey Bella_Mae. I haven't had experience with underactive thyroid before but I did have Gestational Thyrotoxicosis (pregnancy induced OVERactive thyroid) with this one up until about 3 weeks ago. I ended up in hospital having all sorts of tests, but because it is transient they decided not to treat it with drugs. However, they did test me for Graves Disease, which is an autoimmune overactive thyroid, and if I'd had that, I would've been put on medication to control it straight away.

From what the Physicians said, if it wasn't transient then being put on medication would've been the best for both me and baby. And they monitor you so closely if you are on thyroid drugs during pregnancy.

BIG HUGS I know how scary it is! Just trust the experts and demand extra monitoring if you feel you aren't getting it. Ask LOTS of questions!! xx
Try not to worry! Worrying is not good for baby. I have an under active thyroid too. You're weight won't really matter...most under active put on weight and its hard to loose afterwards (sorry to scare you). It might not of had it until you fell pregnant that's when I developed it. Its really important for baby that you get medication straight away..its really serious for you and baby. You will probably be having blood tests every 3-4 weeks until the levels at sorted out. But once they are sorted everything is fine! You will probably more tired, temp changes a lot more than a normal pregnant woman.
This time I have had some thyroid issue, not sure exact details. Dr's are not worried so I'm not to concerned. They are keeping an eye on it and will check 6 weeks post delivery as apparently pregnancy can affect thyroid and it will normalise after birth

Thanks for your replies ladies smile Have started taking the meds and am trying not to stress about it, just hoping it doesn't affect my pregnancy at all!
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