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Do I need a doctor??? Lock Rss

Hi, im 16 weeks pregnant. I first went to the dr when I was 4 weeks and was told to simply come back when I was 18 weeks, no urine test was done by the dr to confirm my pregnancy. I went and seen another dr this week and was sent off for a first trimester ultrasound and blood tests yesterday. I went back to that same dr today as i thought she knew what she was talking about and today she is sending me for my second trimester ultrasound and more blood tests. Is this normal??? Couldn't these blood tests have been done yesterday and would the baby have changed that much in 24 hours????? I don't think any of the dr's I have seen have a clue what they are talking about and I am thinking of not seeing anymore dr's until I go into labour....
I suggest maybe seeing new doctor... one who knows what they're talking about and not so confusing. All the best!
wow - bad doctors - where abouts are you. In adelaide I was 4 weeks pregnant and told to ring the hopital hotline (Womens and childrens). I had 1st appointment at 10 weeks. They go through family history and give you info on 12 week downs scan if you want it. If so had to book that scan and test as non essential unless you are in high risk group.

They also provide info on the options for care upto the birth. Shared care (doctor and hospital), MGP (midwifery group practice) which is same midwife through whole pregnancy for all appointments where possible and just hospital care. I did MGP and loved it.

The hospital also gave brochures on prenatal classes which you need to book - those classes provide drug information, pain management. They run through what could happen during birth vaginal and c section. They also talk about birth plans and discussing with birth partner what you want them to do for you when time comes so there is less confussion. Oh and did I mention drug info lol that's all our group seemed concerned with lol.

At around 20 weeks the scan to check babys development. This is the one you can ask what sex it is. After that there was a glucose test around 28 weeks. Once I got to 34 or 36 weeks (can't remember which) I had weekly checks until birth.
NT scan for downs should have been done before 13 weeks 6 days as they are not reliable after that stage. In my opinion I would say even at that stage they are not reliable as with my first turned out I was further on then I thought, so was exactly that when I had it rather then the 12 and a half I thought and it ended up a 1 in 126 chance, which for my age at the time was high. I went through an amnio and found he was fine.

Also first trimester blood screening should have been done. I am assuming your in Aus and I know there system is very different to ours, but maybe you could ring your local hospital and talk to someone there as your Dr's you have seen don't seem very good

I'm 16 weeks tomorrow and I've been seeing a midwife since 9 weeks.

You should have gone for the first trimester bloods and scan between 11 and 13 weeks (your first trimester is over at the end of 13 weeks)

Your next ultrasound should be between 18 and 20 weeks for the anatomy checks.

Sounds like your doctor is completely clueless! I would suggest going to see another doctor or a midwife really soon. Ring your local hospital and see who they suggest you see

Oh, and by the way, you should come and join us in the "due in September" thread: smile

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