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New Years Eve babies Lock Rss

I know/heard of a few people born on New Years Eve and said they hated it as they couldn't really celebrate their birthday as people would be on holidays, especially as kids going through school.
My little girl was the last girl born at our local hospital for 2011, I know she won't know the difference for a number of years but as an adult would it be annoying..
Iv already said and will always remind her, they save the best for last!!
Thanks smile
My little girl is a Christmas Eve baby and same sort of problem. So we decided to celebrate her birthday the first weekend in December. This way its already in my families and friends minds and when she starts school they are still all there.

We still do a cake on her actual birthday but all presents and party is that weekend. It works for us. She just turned 3 smile

My Dad is a New Years Eve Birthday Boy and he's learned to love it.
Now he just says, "Everyone celebrates MY birthday!" haha.
the other good things is there is always a public holiday the day after smile

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