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Pre-labour? Lock Rss

I am currently 33wks 4days pregnant (though I haven't had a cycle for 35wks 4days so I could be either dates...). First pregnancy.
And in the past 4days I have been getting:
*period like cramps on and off through the day
*BH contractions 1and a half hour's apart at night (right before bed, usually 3 then they stop, though the last one usually makes me groan in pain)
*dull ache/ pressure in my lower pelvis particularly when i walk the dogs or wee.

I spoke to my midwife last night to hopefully put my mind at ease but she just said to take panadol and wait until my antenatal visit tomorrow, but come to hospital sooner if the pains get worse or I have fluid or blood come out.
I just can't help but wonder what the hell is going on... I have an instinct telling me that I'm NOT in labour. My question to you lovely ladies is:
"Does this sound normal? Is it just my bodies way of ramping me up for the real thing?"
I also have all those things happen at various times. Having been through labour before, for me I know its definitely not pre-labour. It's a bit hard to tell you though that you're not, because everybody is different and will go through labour/pre-labour differently. A lot of the time your body is preparing itself for labour with hormonal changes and all sorts of aches & pains.

If you are concerned its better to put your mind at ease and go and get checked out.

I'm having the same sorta issues.. I have no idea what it is and wont see my midwife till next week.. (Kinda hoping things are beginning to happen)Wish I could help but at least you know that someone else out there is going crazy with is this labor questions!
i had that too. i had bad back ache, and my tummy tightened like contractions. i don't think it's pre-labour. i think it's the body getting ready for the real thing...
i agree tho, if you are worried, go to your doctor or whoever you are seeing. always better safe than sorry, good luck smile
I have been getting things like that for the past couple of weeks too, my midwife said it's normal, just your body getting itself ready. Not very comfortable, but nothing to worry about smile
If the pain gets worse and is more frequent it wouldn't hurt to pop up to the midwifery and get yourself monitored they will be able to tell if they are true contractions.
I went into preterm labour and was able to have it stopped but if your waters break they won't be able to stop it as there is a massive chance of infection.
I remember all the aches and pains lol I just hope it is your body preparing for birth not the actual thing just yet smile
Thanks for your feedback. It is nice to know that I'm not alone with these things that are going on.
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