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when did u feel bubs kick/move? Lock Rss

so im now 14 weeks and 2 days =D and doing pretty well even got me a tiny lil bump going on( its more baby then mc donalds cheese burgers in my tummy now haha) i was just wondering when i should start to look out for lil movements and kicks. and what i should be feeling for. so when did u start feeling bubs move?
Felt first movements at 19wks with my first they felt like bubbles in my belly by 21wks i could see my belly moving.Second one was 16wks she was certainly alot less active then her brother.Most of my movement happened after 6:00pm.Aww the joys I miss it so much enjoy xxxx
Hi smile

I felt my first bubbles at around 16 weeks with definite movement being felt at 17 weeks. At 20 weeks you could see it and DH could feel it. He was a strong squirmy little fella!!

I felt my first little flutters around 15 weeks and didn't feel any real big kicks till around 19 - 20 weeks. Mostly at night. By 25 weeks, DH could see it and feel it. Enjoy, its a very special time.
This is my first baby, but i started to feel him at 16 weeks, very fine little moves and pushes, mostly at night... now at 20 he is kicking up a storm smile

This is my first and I first felt him move about 16 weeks (was like air moving in my tummy or little flutters). I got definate kicks at about 18 weeks and then by 20 weeks they were regular and are now getting quite strong (cant imagine what they will be like towards the end!!!)
It is the best feeling in the world smile

This is my first baby and I felt what I could only describe as bubbles popping in my abdomen at about 15 and a half weeks (it was Christmas Eve too). Then nothing til day after New Years and since then the movements feel more like a soft tapping and have become more regular. Now I'm 19+2 weeks and feel it daily now, usually in the late afternoon/evening or when I'm curled up somewhere.
With my first I think I was around 20 weeks before I felt anything. With my second I was around 18 weeks I think and this time I was 14 weeks when I felt a big strong kick, then nothing for another week or so. So I was around 15-16w when I was sure this time.

Now at 18 weeks I am feeling full somersaults and lots of kicking.

So it has gotten earlier each time for me.
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