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HELP! Horrific pain 34 wks Lock Rss

I am 34 weeks with my very first, a little princess. For 3 days I have had some serious lower abdomen pain the worst I have ever felt, its mainly on my left side towards the cervix area. Baby dropped down 2-3 weeks ago and I can feel her putting pressure on my cervix at times. I called my midwife 2 days ago and she said its normal but the pain has gotten so bad now that I can hardly walk and find any movement very difficult. Its scary! It kind of tends to go in waves but no pattern to it nor tightening of my tummy (I have had braxton hicks in the past) Nothing has 'leaked' out which is why I am posting on here as none of my symptoms sound like labor symptoms.. Is this normal!! if so how can I make it stop hurting so much, if not normal then what do I do? Any ideas.
If you can hardly walk then I would call your MW again and stress just how much pain you're in and maybe even take a trip down to ED. Won't hurt to get checked out. Is bubs moving around like normal? When I was in proper labour I never really felt my tummy tightening, just the waves of sharp pains.. Everyone is different though. Hope it's nothing to worry about and you feel better soon. If you go to ED then they should check you out pretty quickly.
Go to ED and be checked. Worse case they will send you home. Its not something to muck around with and better off to get peace of mind if its nothing to worry about. If it were me and it was horrific pain I'd be heading there now
Go and see your midwive, you shouldn't have to be in this much pain.
Tell them they have to help you.

I was in agony at about 25 weeks. It was on my left side also. I would get it by standing, even for 5 minutes in the kitchen. I'd end up laying down with what felt like the most painful cramps I have ever had! The pain also went through my lower back. It lasted about 3 weeks, I was even too scared to go to the shops because once the pain starts you feel like you cant move and you just need to sit or lay down! I told my OB and was told it was normal. I would call your midwife again if you feel it is getting worse and worse. I think its better to have called and be told theres nothing to worry about again then to not call and be worrying all day!

Hope it gets better!
How'd you go? All okay smile
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