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34 week ultrasound- Big baby? Lock Rss

Hi everyone!

So yesterday I had my 34 week scan and the ultrasound lady told me that my lil boy was bigger than average. He apparently weighs around 2.8 kilos already, and he is on the 90th centile for his weight!

I really dont feel like he is a big bubba, all pregnancy I have been told how small my belly looks, lol. Im glad he is bigger rather than smaller, but just wondering if anyone else has been told this and how big there bubs were when born? Were they wrong? Just curious thats all smile

I was told I was having a clinically large baby( 4-5kg as OBGYN put it). I gave birth at 38.5wks and bub weighed 3.1kg. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
yes! at 36 weeks they claimed DS was 7lb already... but at 38+6 when he was born he was only 7lb 3oz!
so they were wrong in our case smile
My friend was told she would have a 7-8lb baby.
She went about a week over due and he was 6lb 2oz
At my 35 week scan i was told bubs was 2.8kg. He was born at 40 weeks and 6 days weighing 3.8kg which is 8pounds 7.
i had a scan at 35+6 with my twins and i was told that twin 1 was 5lb 2oz and twin 2 was over 7lb. they were born 2 days later weighing 5lb 1oz and 5lb 11oz - so almost bang on with 1 and way out with the other lol
I had lots of scans for DS2 and he was estimated to be on the 95th percentile with a birth weight of around 9pounds (4kg)....well they were spot on! I gave birth to a 9 pound whopper after a 2hr labour. I'd like to add that I only needed 1 stitch and they only did this as a precaution as I was lifting a toddler and the risk of retearing was high, otherwise they would have left it.

This baby has been measuring above the 95th percentile and is estimated to be 9 and a half pounds at term (4.5kg)...I know I can push out a big baby but kinda hoping I don't make it to term so he might be marginally smaller...

Try not to get scared about the size of the baby...your body knows what to do and will just get on with the job. I found it no more painful giving birth to my 3.5kg DS1 than my 4kg DS2.
Thanks for the replies ladies smile Well I do feel better now knowing that they have been wrong before lol. I don't mind him being bigger, that's all good! I was just stressing about having a little buddha lol.

Thanks for your stories ladies, looking forward to meeting my chubby bubby haha.
Oh god what a relief reading everyone's replies! I was told at my 34 week scan my little missy was already about 3 kilos and she is a 'big baby'. EEEK but this forum has reasurred me they might get it wrong, fingers crossed she is healthy and I can accommodate when the time comes! LOL
Hi There,
Yup i got told that.. i specialist appt, he told me my baby felt extra small with lots of fluid at 36 weeks so i went for a scan straight away & they told me fluid was fine but at 36 weeks bubs was 8pnd 4 oz already... bubs was born by c-section at 39 weeks at 9pnd 2oz so they were right with their weights smile

I actually got told the opposite. One week before my son was induced (he was induced at 41+6) they told me he was a very small baby, would be lucky to make the 5lb mark. Well they were def wrong, he was born weighing 7lb 4oz and a whopping 53cm long. They dont always get things right. Telling me already this pregnancy that my little one is smaller then it dates so am just not going to take too much notice
I was told right through my pregnancy that DD1 was "massive"!!! Even at my last ultrasound at 40 weeks we were told she was 100% a big bub... Around the 4-5kg mark, when she finally arrived 2 weeks later she weighed in at 3.76 kilos (or 8lb 2oz) & was 49.5 long, she has made up for it though lol, she is currently 11kgs & 68cms long at 5mths old!!!
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